Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweet Baby Quinn

One of my very good friends Rhiannon and her husband had their first baby this week. Rhi is part of my ZPO group of girls that I have been hanging out with for... well, kinda forever.

And as long as I have been friends with Rhi, she has been waiting for this moment. To hold her daughters in her arms. To be a mama.
So it was really exciting to be at the hospital the day after Quinn was born. To see sweet baby toes.
To hold her and kiss her and tell her how very loved  she is.
 To let Henry meet her and to know that now the second generation of ZPO has a new member, another little girl to go along with our sweet Cici.
And most importantly, to see my wonderful friend holding her sweet baby, and know she has everything she always wanted.

Congratulations Rhi and Chris. We are so happy for you!


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