Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writers Block (with lots of words)

For the first time in awhile I am worrying about my blog surviving. Don't panic. (did you panic?  No?  Okay) This happens every now and again. I get a little writers block and life gets busy and I think "That's it... I am OUT of things to write about! my blog is done!"  I start to picture myself  looking back in six months and thinking "Oh yeah... I used to blog?  Weird."

And I don't know, maybe I kinda am out of things to talk about. I was thinking out an entire post last night, then I realized it sounded kinda familiar, THEN I realized that was because I had already written something exactly like it.  Which is sorta sad.  I have written so many posts that I am starting to rewrite them and not even notice.

If you are curious, the post was about Henry not sleeping through the night right now and how each night he wakes up yelling for his Mama, and how I am so exhausted (SO EXHAUSTED), but somehow I love it at the same time. Not the lack of sleep, but those hours where I am all he wants or needs.

But as sweet as it might be, it is exhausting on work days.  My new hours have me coming in at seven, so my Henry wake up call that happens between 3 and 4 and generally lasts an hour (or sometimes just the rest of the night) have me dragging.  I am also pulling together all this stuff for a huge consignment sale, and let me tell you, we have a LOT of baby stuff.  Kind of an embarrassing amount.  And each item has to be organized, hung up, entered into a computer program and tagged with printed labels.  We have 275 items... and that's just for the fall winter sale.  It's a lot of work.  And will be AMAZING if people buy our stuff (PLEASE BUY OUR STUFF) but for now it is one more thing to do.

Plus there is the new job and the school work and the practicum work... sometime I should tell you about my practicum.  It is so interesting.  But not today.  That is a post for another day. This is my post for today.  Talking about my writers block as a way to make myself post so I break my writers block. But since I had Henry sleeping and the consignment sale to talk about, and a future post about my practicum brewing in my head, I guess I don't have writers block after all.  I am just really sleepy.



  1. Just remember, this too shall pass:-) what consignment sale are you doing..email me!

  2. I have felt this way a lot this year. Sometimes I have no idea what to write about and wonder why anyone would want to read my blog and other times I have tons I want to write about but no time to get online. I find it hard enough keeping up with others and feel like such a bad blogger.

    Recently Tim and I decided I should return to work and let him drop his hours if possible as I have better career prospects than him. And I wonder how I'll ever fit everything in when I barely manage it being a SAHM. And then I think being a SAHM with no family nearby means I rarely get an hour to myself. If I work at least my lunchbreak will be free... And I'm sure I'll have so much I want to blog about then.

    Blogging is a funny old thing isn't it? It kinda goes in waves. I'd miss your blog if it wasn't around xx