Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Am Old.

So for my practicum I had to sit in on a Freshman class yesterday. It was like, the basic 'Welcome to College 101' class that our university has to help students make the big jump from high school to a university. They didn't even have this class when I was a freshman, so we just had to learn by doing, but whatever. These kids need a class on how college works. Maybe that alone should make me feel old, but it doesn't.  Mainly because people like me were the reason that class was invented.  I could have used a class on how college works at eighteen.

So what made me feel old, you ask? When I walked in and every single girl in the class had on skinny jeans or leggings with riding style boots?  No, I was mostly okay with that. I mean, it made me feel a LITTLE old in my cords and chucks,  but not THAT old.  I mean, I OWN skinny jeans.  I OWN boots.  I didn't have them on, but whatever.  I am totally in style at least SOME of the time.  I still felt fine about my age in relation to these students.

Then the guy in front of me opened his laptop and this was his screen saver:
And I was shocked.  Like, not that a college kid has some random inappropriate picture on his laptop.  I was TOTALLY ready for that.  Okay... not totally ready.  I was a little like "Well, I NEVER!"  In my head while fanning myself on the fainting couch, (OLD) but the words weren't my issue.  That is a picture of HERMIONE GRANGER you guys.  And she is the sex symbol of this generation.  HERMIONE GRANGER.    When I was in college she looked like this:
And when I was a freshman boys would have had this* as their screen saver:

I mean...if when I was a freshman people had things like laptops. Which we didn't  We were lucky to have our own desktop computer in our dorms.  Most of us used the library writing center.  And in class, we had Five Star notebooks and folders.  Or maybe, if we were really on top of things, one of those five section accordion binders to file away all of our stuff.  But guys would TOTALLY hung a poster like this on their wall in their dorm. 

God, it's official. I actually AM getting old.

*okay, they might had a more scandalous picture, but I can't bring myself to do any more googling of sexy pictures (I sound old to myself... sexy pictures...) on my work computer.  I already think my IT guy will be scratching his head...

**The traffic that the post brings to my blog will make me chuckle.



  1. You think YOU feel old - you should teach for 20 years and eventually reach a point where you have NO idea what the kids are talking about. And then there's People magazine - who the heck are all those people?? I LOVE "Well I never...on the fainting couch..." I feel like that pretty often. Especially when I see multiple face piercings. Just... I NEVER.

  2. Haha this is too funny!

    I was 17 when the first Harry Potter film.came out. By 18 I had a laptop for starting university (as did most people) but it set me back twice as much as it would today and still had a disk drive and a cd drive but not dvd. And I never paid to get it connected to the web until my second year (I just used campus computers for that). So mad to think that was a whole decade ago!!!

  3. When my cousin was talking about his freshman roommate and what he looked like I was confused. I asked whether they send a picture now. He quickly responded that he found him on Facebook. I was amazed at that idea since I guess that option didn't exist when I went to college. Damn whippersnappers!! Now I feel old.

  4. I was chatting with some college students about a band. I said "I mean they can't be that big if I don't know about them." and they said yeah, we'll they have been huge for like three years and all their shows sell out.
    Then it hit me. I've lost track of what's cool in music. Hey have you kids ever heard of nirvana? Ha ha oh well.

  5. I love teaching mature students! You'll rock the place and that guy in front...may not make it to the end of the first year!