Friday, September 14, 2012

Henry's In Charge

So things are a little insane around these parts. My new job is truly wonderful, but I am learning new things and getting into a new routine which is always exhausting. Add in my class and my practicum (Loving it!), plus a HUGE consignment sale I am working on to sell an alarming amount of baby stuff, and you have one tired Mama. Toss in that Nick is working like crazy on the class he is teaching and you also have an overworked Papa.

 So Henry has been left to his own devices as of late. I think he is fairing rather well...


I mean, the bucket has slits in it. So I am going to go ahead and call this safe. Also, SMART because if there is a surprise alien invasion he has a helmet to protect his precious brain.
 Henry Fall 2012
And who can see a problem with handing your feet out a car window? I mean, it's like air conditioning for the leg. Henry says, "Listen Mama, I am in charge here. YOU put your foot back in the window!"
Riding a rather terrifying looking antique horse, nothing wrong with that! (look at it's teeth! Who MADE this thing?)
Clothes, no need. Not when you have such an awesome Angry Bird towel. Henry knows what style looks like. No help required.
 Henry Fall 2012
And snacking and relaxing, he learned from the best. Cheetos kicked back in his recliner playing the DS... I see no parenting problems here at all.

So as you see, he has this entire thing under control.  No parents required, Henry can totally handle being in charge! Works out well while Nick and I learn to swim in all this new responsibility.

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