Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trust Your Eyes: A BlogHer Book Club Review

This is a paid review for the BlogHer Book Club. All thoughts and opinions on the book are, as always, my very own.

Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay is a suspense thriller.  And I was about to make that sentence longer and give an actual description of the book, but I am going to stop there and say that it's a suspense thriller, and it reminded me that I LOVE suspense thrillers!  I used to read them years ago and I just FORGOT about the genre entirely.  How sad for suspense thrillers.  I have just ignored them.  But no more!  Not after Trust Your Eyes!  My love for has been reborn. 

So, back on topic.  Trust Your Eyes is the story of Thomas Kilbride, a schizophrenic who is obsessed with maps and spends all of his time on a Google Earth type website called Whirl360, which allows him to see every street in every city across the globe, and his brother Ray.  With his' photographic memory, Thomas is spending his life memorizing the world one street at a time. 

The book opens with the death of Thomas and Ray's father and the return of his brother Ray to settle the estate and find a permanent place for Thomas.  While Ray is working to get things in order, Thomas inadvertently stumbles upon what he believes to be a murder on Whirl360.  Ray is torn between believing his schizophrenic brother, or trying to just move forward.  Along with the possible online murder, other things aren't adding up for Ray.  His fathers death and mysteries from Thomas' past are all leading him to question everything around him. 

Trust Your Eyes is a great read.  It's an easy story, but stays suspenseful until literally the last page.  If you like suspense thrillers, or if you used to, but forgot and now want to maybe try them again, I recommend you start with this one!

We will be discussing Trust Your Eyes with BlogHer for the next several weeks.  Come join the conversation!

I know this was two review posts in a row, and I am sorry the due dates fell that way!  I really will be back tomorrow with an enjoyable nonsponsered post showing off my amazing artistic abilities. Does that make it okay?

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