Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We are officially in fast forward on buying the car. We have been waiting on our car guy to find one for months now, but I have now officially had enough of bumming rides. I am fairly sure it was the pushing of the truck that put me over the edge...anyway, I have now called in the help of my dad. We didn't originally go this route because we thought it would take to long. How terribly wrong we were.

Now my dad and I are working together looking for the cars and then bidding on them at online auctions. So...that is why I am home right now. In the middle of the workday. We found a good (great) Xterra, and I am hoping in goes within our budget. I am not sure if it will...this one seems a little to good to be true, but here's hoping it works out! If not there are many many others. Looks like we should be able to get me something in the next week or two. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this one will be the one!

**The Buick is back up and running. It just needed a new battery. Lucky us!**

UPDATE** Auction just ended...didn't win. I will try again tomorrow!**

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