Monday, November 5, 2007

The Wedding

We had such an amazing time in Cleveland...except for the fact that Nick was deathly ill. There was that, which was a big bummer. The poor guy has not been sick in three years. The entire time I was sick with my bronchitis over the last two weeks he kept saying how mad he was going to be if he got sick and I broke his wellness streak. was broken. He woke up on Friday morning and had to go to the Urgent Treatment center before we hit the road. He found out that he too had Bronchitis, we packed the car and were gone. No time to slow down for illness. The rehearsal dinner was enjoyable, but he was really sick on Friday night. So sick that he had to walk out of the actual rehearsal two times and go and lay in the bathroom floor. So sad.

Amazing that I started this post saying we had such a good time, but we really did! Even sick, Nick had a wonderful time on Saturday. We decided to order room service and have breakfast in bed. What a wonderful invention. There are few things as nice as someone cooking you breakfast to order, delivering it to your bed, then taking away all the dirty dishes when you are done...anyway, after breakfast Nick and Ryan went out with Stephen to see his and Emily's house. While they were doing that, Arielle and I found...Ba Ba Baaaaaaaaa AN OUTLET MALL! Aw, the joy of Gap...and the Coach! I got to be there as Arielle bought her very first Coach. It is always nice being there for the start of an addiction! My favorite was when she told me later, "Ryan didn't seem excited at all about my new Coach!" I told her to just hope he never asks how much they cost!

Okay, to the wedding. It was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable weddings I have ever been to. Seriously. Not just because we love them, but because it was awesome. The leaves were changing and beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, Stephen was the happiest I have ever seen him, all of the food was amazing, (they had Cheesecake wedding cake!) the hotel where all the events were held was perfect, the DJ rocked, it was all just really wonderful. For a girl that LOVES weddings, it was just about perfect. So...I have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!

Okay, clearly by this first picture you can see that I was on the isle seat...right next to the floral arrangement. Still, don't they look great?

Here are they very handsome groomsmen
Seeing as how our dates were groomsmen, Arielle and I had to fend for ourselves at our dinner table. Thank God she came with us! *Smile and Blush...hi Arielle...I told you I would put your picture on my blog!*

Clearly we managed to keep ourselves entertained by taking pictures of ourselves. Clearly we got along really well!

After dinner the couple had the first dance...
Then did the cutting of the Cheesecake...Pumpkin Cheesecake. Delicious.

We managed to snag the new couple for a group photo...

and then there were of course the many (MANY) shots of the couples...

me and Nick

Ryan and Arielle

and the newlyweds...okay, this is a little blurry, but they just look so darn cute! That is going to be it for now. I have lots more pictures, but as I looked at them, I realized they were basically just us, over and over (and over and over). So, I will just say it was wonderful one more time. We drank and danced and had an all around blast! How does everyone not love weddings as much as I do??

**BIG thanks to Charing for lending me the perfect dress!

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  1. Oh, I was thinking the whole time I was reading "What a GREAT dress!" So I guess Charing has really good taste. Glad you had a good time!