Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am off work today. I have been catching up on my DVR, having lunch with my sisters and Nick, and cooking for tomorrow. As I have been working away, completely relishing this extra day off, I have been thinking of the things that I am truly thankful for this year. I had a very sweet email from my cousin this morning saying how thankful she was for her friends, and it has just been on my mind all day. So I have been thinking, what am I thankful for?

I am thankful for Nick. I could never put into words exactly how thankful I am to have him in my life. he makes me a better person. He is so kind and giving and good. He gives with no thought of reward. He loves our families and friends. He is so understanding with my endometriosis and our baby struggles. He loves me unconditionally, and that allows me to be who I am. Yes, I am very thankful for Nick.

I am thankful for my sisters. As I had lunch with them today, it hit me how very very lucky I am to have them in my life. To be given two sisters is such a gift. The three of us have always been extremely close. Sharing in each others achievements and heart aches as if they are our own. We have grown up as one, and I cannot imagine my life without them. Yes, I am also thankful for my sisters.

I am thankful for my parents. They have always been so proud of me, and always made me believe I could do anything in this world that I want. There have never been two more supporting and loving parents. They have given all of themselves to me and my sisters. Sacrificing to give us everything they could. They have taught me to be caring of others, to be driven and strong. To always believe in myself. Yes, I am also thankful for my parents.

I am thankful for the many supportive strong women in my life. I come from a family of strong women. From my cousin, who is so near a third sister to me, to my aunts and my grandmothers, to my very best friends. I have always been taught to be a proud and outgoing adult. To never be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. To put myself out there at the risk of being hurt, but for a chance for such rewards. I have such an amazing support group in these women, that I know I will never truly fall. They are all there, with reassuring phone calls and comfort food in my times of struggle. They are there with hugs and laughter and joy in my times of triumph. I am truly never alone. Yes, I am also thankful for all of these amazing women.

I am thankful for our pets. As I sit here typing this with Sammie in my lap and Ellie at my feet, I think of how much joy they give Nick and me. How their unconditional love is so rewarding. How I would do anything to keep them safe and happy, and how they would do the same for me. Yes, I am also thankful for my pets.

I am thankful for my job. Sometimes I forget, but I so love my job. It is not often that someone finds a job that they enjoy. One that they are able to take so much pride in. I am thankful for my friends at my job, which makes every day so enjoyable. I am thankful for the money that my job provides so that Nick and I are able to have our comfortable life. Yes, I am also thankful for my job.

I am thankful for our home. It might be small, but it is ours. I love the character in these old walls. I love the warm feeling of home when I walk in the door. The wonderful yard, the wood burning fireplace, the hardwood floors. Yes, I also love our home.

And I know I am thankful for much, much more. And I know these are things that everyone might be thankful for, but sometimes it is good to list them all out, and remember. Remember the people that make you who you are. Remember then things that you hold close to your heart, and be thankful for them.


  1. Being thankful rocks! It's amazing how we always have something to be thankful for, even if it's just for the parking spot closest to the door. Thanks for sharing your things!

  2. I just wrote a very similar post! I could have just linked directly to you because you said everything so well!! Love you!

  3. And I am thankful to have you for a niece. Although sometimes it's a bit scary that we are so alike!

  4. Man, my heart feels all bubbly and warm. :)
    This was a really beautiful post.