Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nearly Lucky

Have I ever told you all that I am really lucky with radio contests? It is sad that I really cannot remember what I have posted about on here before...oh well. If I have already talked about it, just consider this a reminder of my mad radio contest skillz. That's right. With a Z. Said skillz have managed to win me six tickets to see Paula Abdul and Color me Bad in concert when I was in middle school. Eat your hearts out....I have won tickets to movies, free gift certificates to restaurants, just lots of random crap.

This skill was amazing to Tarp when I first started working at the lab. He had never been a person to call in to the radio stations, so the fact that I did, and then actually won sometimes was just more than he could handle. Now that we have Justin in the lab, I have a Radio contest kindred spirit. The problem...since he has joined the lab my luck has run a little thin. Maybe the real problem is that the two of us will call on absolutely ANYTHING they ask for callers on. Justin realized I have a small problem with lying...or rather pretending to know what I am talking about, when they had a trivia question about what happened on some date in 1979. I say (so confidently) Star Wars came out. I didn't know he was taking my word as gold! He, of course called, was the correct caller, said on the radio "STAR WARS!"...and was of course totally wrong. (seriously, did I already tell this story on here...if sounds so familiar).

Since then we have gotten through on a few other things. He managed to win a Lazar Tag night to play the DJ's. He named his team the Z-Rock Destroyers. That Justin, he is funny sometimes. Okay, to the point of this being today's post. Z-Rock is yet again giving something away. Something big. They have two tickets to see Hannah Montana. Doesn't sound exciting to you? Okay, it totally doesn't sound exciting to me either, but to kids everywhere it is the event of their young lives. According to the DJ's, the tickets they have are selling on eBay now for over $1000! Seriously, $1000 people. The radio station has one set of tickets. They are playing a game where they give one clue a day, and the clues will eventually point to some place in the world where they have hidden Hannah Montana. Fun, right? So, it is day two of the contest. The clues are Dark and Redneck. Justin, Tarp and I have been discussing theories when Justin tells us he has one. First, did we know that Hannah is actually Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter? Well, I'll be damned, I totally DID NOT know that! Then, he informed he looked up where Old Billy was from and found out he was from the area of Carter Caves! Dark, Redneck...we were SO SURE we had the answer.

So....we call. Remember, they only take three guesses a day. You don't just have to listen to the clues, you then have to come up with an idea, be caller nine, and tell them. I, my Internet friends, was caller nine! I tell them our genius answer of Carter Caves, and then, of course, find out I am totally wrong. Let me tell you, it was a blow. I guess now I know how Justin felt when he said "Star Wars!"...but his prize was not going to sell on eBay for $1000...

*By the way, I did not tell the DJ that I was going to sell the tickets. I told them that my best friend had children that just LOVED Hannah Montana. This was half true. My best friend has children...who would rather die than see Hannah Montana. I just figured they wouldn't take to kindly to me selling the big prize giveaway...


  1. Hey... My friend has a daughter that would absolutely LOVE to have those tickets. They have tried and tried to get tickets and this poor eight year old can't see to make it work. They'd be willing to pay... however, they wouldn't be worth $1000. =\ Let me know!

  2. NO, I don't think you have written about this. I have NEVER won anything on the radio - of course, I don't think I have ever called either. I guess that would probably help.

  3. I think we are essentially a lucky family, in many ways. Some are obvious. Some are not. Do you realize that we have aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. etc. who have won the Kentucky lottery, the Ohio lottery, the California lottery, the Florida lottery, a brand new car, $5000 from a TV show, a color TV from the Readers Digest sweepstakes, tickets to various concerts, thousands of dollars playing Bingo over the years, a set of brand new Calloway golf clubs, a set of brand new Taylor Made golf clubs, many smaller prizes at raffles and the like, etc. etc. etc. Do we see a pattern here??