Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gone Again

So Tarp has headed back to Costa Rica. I know, I know. You are all say "Again!" but it is true. Wait, maybe that is just me and Justin saying "Again!". Maybe it does not faze you all in the slightest that he is on vacation. Yes...I could see that. No matter. I will just assume that everything that matters to me is of dire importance to all of my readers. I am happy for them that they have their house. What did I expect to happen once he bought property in another country? Of course they are going to go. I did tell him that I was sure one day he was going to call me from Costa Rica and just say they have decided to stay for the entire winter and he would not be back. He laughed...but never said "Oh NOOOO, you fool!" just a laugh...

Like I said, I am happy for them. Honestly, I am totally jealous. It has been so long since I have seen the beach. Justin and I will be fine at work. We are very busy and will be working long days, but I always kind of think it is better when one of us is gone and the other two are pushed to the max. I figure if we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs it would be a red flag that three people were not needed back there. Three people are totally needed back there. I just think of when he went to CR and I was alone...the horror. A big perk for me (in that odd perk kind of way) is that I am working this weekend, so I have a five day weekend for Thanksgiving! So excited about that...

On the subject of being out of town, looks like Nick is going to be spending some time in Pittsburgh. One of his projects he is doing research on needs some special electron microscope and there are only a few places he can use one. Pittsburgh seems to be the best option. That means he will be traveling back and forth over the next several months. I have pictured in my head that he will go for a few days every couple of weeks...I have no idea if this is right, but I have this strong feeling that he has told me the details, and if I ask it will become clear that at some point, before I realized this was important, I just might not have been listening all the way...I will find out soon enough! The really unfortunate part is that he will have to fly. Lots. Poor guy.

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