Friday, November 16, 2007

Google Reader

I have had a long standing aversion to Google reader. To any reader really... I argued that I love to SEE the blog. I love my template (thanks Liz!) and the overall look of my blog, and I just feel like to really read it right, you need to actually be taking in the entire page. There is also my love of my site meter to take into account. I LOVE seeing how many people have visited my page. Looking at where they clicked on to get here, what part of the world they are in, it just entertains me. Plus (look at all these reasons to not like readers) I really don't like that you can't comment from them. I like comments. Actually, I LOVE comments. Anything that takes them away from me is evil...The way I see it, if I want people to come to my blog to take in the page, make a mark on the site meter, and leave lots and lots of comments, then most people would like that favor returned.

So, with my low level hatred of the cunning Google reader, imagine my own surprise that I have allowed myself to sign up, put on all my favorite blogs, and then become totally addicted to the stupid thing! I KNOW!!! I am just as amazed as you are! Allow me to explain. There are lots of blogs I would love to read every single day, but I just don't have time! It takes so long to go from blog to blog and see if they have updated. I am okay with this dedication, and enjoy it when I am working my way around the blogging world, but I have started dropping some blogs that I just don't have time to keep up with. Then there is the work issue. I just can't be on a million blogs a day at work. I usually do my blogging from home, but here I sit, each and every day looking at my laptop. Work doesn't care for us to do some personal stuff on the computers, but hitting fifteen to twenty blogs a day (multiple times a day because usually they haven't updated and it is a quick stop) just looks really bad.

A solution, Google reader. I just go to Google, log in, and it tells me if my blogs are updated! I can read them straight from there. I am actually able to keep up with ALL my blogs! (What's that? You all know this because you have been using a reader forever...right) So, now I am a begrudging fan of the reader. I promise to still come to your blogs and look at how pretty they are. I promise to still read and leave comments. As a matter of fact, when I am home, I will still blog the old fashioned way. But at work, at work I will use the reader. It lets me keep up. Honestly it lets me read blogs that otherwise I would just have to stop reading. So...the Google reader is my friend. Just a sneaky evil friend.


  1. I love the Reader!! 80 some odd blogs are just too many to A) remember the link and B) go to individually. Welcome to 'The Reader'! I agree about the whole comment thing. =\ It would be nice.

  2. Also wanted to tell you that you can go to the iGoogle page and set up a widget there. It's great! From one "working blogger" to another.

  3. OK....I guess I may to give in as well. I agree with you on everything! How am I supposed to know about the THOUSANDS of people who are reading my blog? How?? I also love SEEING the blog pages. But I think the reader will be a timesaver. I give in.

  4. Hi I do not agree ...