Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Decor

I told you I would post pictures of my tree and all my mad decorating skills. I know that this unfulfilled promise has been keeping you up at night, so here you go!

Please make note of the actual WRAPPED presents under the tree. I am so proud of myself...
Please also make note of the hand in Nick's stocking and the foot in mine. When I protested, Nick insisted it was tradition.
Here is one of my sweet husband putting the star on the top of the tree. Now, doesn't it feel like Christmas time!

Our tree looks wonderful and festive from outside our house. To bad we have the tackiest neighbors in the history of time and their horrendous overdecorating completely out shines our sweet little tree from the road. Oh well...if I can sneak a picture of their yard in all it's glory I will definitely post that picture as well!

**as a total side note, but still in the theme of a picture post...Nick and I installed a new ceiling fan! Yes readers, you read that right. we did it all by ourselves. I know Nick does that stuff all the time, but this time I for real helped. I am (once again) not smart enough to take a before picture, but here is a shot of the new fan.

Wait, this can still count as a Christmas decor picture. See the cute little snowman hanging by the vent and the moose on top of the curtain rod! Yes...I do have a moose on top of my curtain rod...also a penguin on the other side...for balance!

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! I have wrapped presents under my tree, too. Wrapping as I go is the only way I can keep up! Especially with Christmas coming a week early this year since part of our family will be in Wisconsin!