Friday, July 24, 2009

Dairy Update

I feel that my hiatus from all things dairy is coming to an end. It just isn't working! Henry is still spitting up the same as before, so I just don't see that there is a point. I hate this! How can people just NOT EAT DAIRY. Well...I can people MOSTLY not eat dairy. see...I haven't actually gone off dairy for a full day just yet. But...but...I have cut WAY down. Some days I eat next to no dairy at all! Plus, I am no longer drinking milk. NO MILK. (That is like, putting an entire cow of of work...which doesn't seem right at all) And on top of that I really have cut back. WAY back. I just couldn't go all the way off until we ate the dinners I had already bought at the store. I can't just drop dairy when I have a house full of food that requires it! That is bad for our budget. So you see...I HAD to eat it. Obviously.

Now, you may be thinking that my entire, "It doesn't help anyways" argument is out the window seeing as how I haven't REALLY given it up, but I disagree. First off, I did cut back. Seriously. The no milk thing is big. If he had dairy issues, wouldn't he get a LITTLE better with me going off milk? I think so. Also, the other day I was having milk issues (with my milk, not cows milk) My supply was really low, and I decided it was the me going off milk thing. I decide to screw it and drink milk until my heart was content. So I did. I drank two large glasses and one small glass that evening (oh lord it was delicious). I then called the doctor the next morning and they said I was wrong about the "drink milk=make milk" connection, and that I just needed to increase my fluids and take this medicine. Soooo...I decided to view it as an experiment. If Henry spit up like crazy, then we knew all that milk was an issue. BUT he didn't! He was totally normal. Case solved! Milk is NOT the problem.

But...but...I have a little nagging guilt over not going ALL THE WAY off So just for a test, I am doing it Friday-Monday. No dairy. For real this time. If he is still the same, I am scrapping the entire plan and drinking milk until my heart's content. Then at least I will have tried. I haven't had any dairy since dinner last night and I am still alive. I can do this for two more days! Let's not talk about it actually working. we will cross that bridge when we get to it...


  1. Sometimes kids won't have the same reaction to goat's milk. Have you thought about giving that a try? It's not the same...but it might help it not feel like such a huge loss :).

  2. April at had to go off dairy. She might be able to make some suggestions on substitutions or how to make it work. I do okay with going off diary until I realize that CHEESE IS DAIRY. My mind tries to tell me its not. I love chees.

  3. I had a spitter-uppper. I TRIED EVERYTHING. Cutting out foods, using formula instead, etc etc and nothing helped. He spit-up until he was close to a year. The Ped wasn't worried since he was gaining weight and doing well. It was horrible to watch the little fella. Good luck I hope that you find something that works.

  4. Oh I know you so well... Yesterday at lunch when you mentioned that you weren't eating dairy I thought to myself, "I wonder if she's REALLY gone all the way off dairy..." Your love for milk is too strong... Your favorite food of all time is GRAVY... which is made with milk. Too hard to give it up!


  5. Have you tried soy milk? I don't think you are going to want to glug it down by the glassful but the sweetened almond soy milk is really good on cereal. And good for you too! Try it.

  6. i know each case is different, but with both my kids, one was a projectile vomitter after EVERY feeding and the other spits/threw up 2 hours later. (both breast and formula)

    both of them - no allergies.

    they both stop around the 6 months age range.

    it is still a mystery what happened.

    hang in there!