Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Love

Well, it's official. Henry is in love. His first girl friend has now been born! Our sweet family friend Mandy (and bio girl reader! helloooooo new Mama!) had her sweet little girl Leighton Lane on Monday. Clearly her and Henry are meant for each other!
I can hear Henry's thoughts now, "MAMA! WHY did you take the picture where you can see STRAIGHT up my NOSE! What will Leighton think of me???" And then I say, "Oh Henry, at least there isn't any boogers up there!" and then Henry says, "Ahhh hahaha! BOOGERS" (he is a boy...boogers are funny to boys right?? I am out of my element here...)
Anyway, here is another shot of the new Mama's with enjoying each other's sweet new babies. Welcome to the world Miss Leighton Lane. You are so adorable and we can't wait to see you again!


  1. Look how big Henry looks compared to her!! Amazing to think he was that size just a few short weeks ago...

  2. I love that picture! Henry looks great in green.

    He is getting so big!

  3. A match made in heaven! awww... she's too cute.