Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Months

Dear Henry,
I cannot believe you are two months old today. I guess this is how many of these letters will start..."how are you this old already!?!" will just be something I will continue to be shocked by. People told me before you were born to enjoy you when you are little because it goes by so fast. I thought I knew, but I really had no idea how right they are. You are two months. Already. Time is going so fast, and you keep getting bigger. It makes me so happy as you grow, but at the same time I want time to slow so I can enjoy you more each day.
You went to the doctor today and we found out that you now weight nine pounds and five ounces (10th percentile). You are growing so fast! In no time at all you will be totally caught up with other babies your age and we won't be able to tell you were three weeks early. Even though you are still on the small side, you are right where you should be for a two month old. You are now following things with your eyes and constantly studying things around you. You love to coo and make sweet little noises for us. You are smiling now, but we are still waiting for those true smiles of recognition when me or your papa come in the room. Now you smile more randomly, but we know those smiles of true joy are just around the corner!
I think you are going to be a thumb sucker. When you are stressed you automatically look for your hands to get them in your mouth. You have even started noozeling them the way you do when you are going to eat. It makes me and your Papa laugh to see you trying to nurse on your own hands! You actually love to eat and so easily take a bottle, but also latch on to anything (like your hands, my arm, someones finger...ANYTHING at all!) just to see if there is a chance milk will come out! Nursing you is so easy now, it is hard for me to remember that it was such a struggle in the beginning. I am so glad we made it and that I am able to now breastfeed you so easy. I love that time.
AS you grow you are developing such a sweet personality. You have things you are starting to love. You love when I take you for a walk. I let you sit up a little and you just look around totally amazed. You still love your swing, but now you also love your mobile in your crib. I think you have a love of music. The mobile and the swing sooth you so well, and so does your papa playing the guitar. You just sit and watch him play for you, completely content. You love to look out the window and you love to sleep in our bed! We try to make that a special treat, but there is nowhere you sleep better. We still have you in the bassinet in our room at night, but that is now more for us than you. I think you would be very happy in your crib, but I want to keep you close to us for a little while longer!
Oh Henry, you are such a good boy. Your Papa and I are just totally amazed with you every single day. As hard as it is for me to believe you are two months old, it is also hard for me to believe you were ever not here. You have taken such a large part of my heart I just can't imagine it being whole before you came along. It is like that part of my heart must have just been on hold, waiting for you to be here so it could love you this much. You are our perfect growing boy, and I am so thankful for you every single day.



  1. Henry, You are quite the handsome guy! What a sweet face! Happy 2 months to you!

  2. Ok so I cried when I read this. Imagine that lol. He is so sweet and the time really does seem to fly by! Xoxo