Saturday, July 18, 2009

Night Out

I am so excited. We are going to see Harry Potter tonight! It will be my first movie in AGES. We are big movie people. Well, maybe I am a big movie person. I LOVE going to the movies. Nick thinks it's just okay...something to do when you REALLY want to see something, but not an every weekend type of affair. I, on the other hand, will see ANYTHING in the theater. You never know what you might like! I remember so clearly my dad DRAGGING us to see Forest Gump. I DID NOT want to go. It looked HORRIBLE. Then....the love. It was so great!! I had no idea!! I was changed. I would from then on give any movie a try. You never know what you might love. You never know what might be the next Forest Gump! On top of my desire to see every movie in the theater, I developed as desire to see them FIRST. Like, midnight show first. Definitely opening weekend. I have a fear of people ruining movies for me. A serious fear. I will basically cover my ears and scream, "Don't say ANYTHING!!!" just to get my point across that I REALLY don't want to know what happens.

Anyway, this is our first movie night since Henry. We have a babysitter (Thanks Nana!!) and we have friends going with us. We have our tickets and our dinner plans. We are totally set. It wont be like last week, when we were all ready for our first date night since Henry, then we went to get our movie tickets for Angles and Demons we found out that...IT WAS OUT OF THE THEATER! What the hell?? How did we TOTALLY miss it. It hasn't been out THAT long. I NEVER miss a movie I really want to see! Then we figured we would see Star Trek. But...IT WAS OUT OF THE THEATER TOO! My word. Time really does fly once you have a baby. Once he got here we had WAY more important things to cover him in kisses.Still, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so this was a must see!

Here is Henry talking to his Papa about why he doesn't get to come see Harry Potter.
Henry is not pleased to be missing the big show, but figures his Nana will spoil him rotten, so it is also a good trade!

**man, this post ha a lot of capital letters...clearly I wanted to make sure you understood exactly how much movies mean to me!


  1. I do LOVE that little boy, he is so cute. I love his smile.


  2. I bet he had a good night, too :) How was the movie?? I too love a good opening night show!

  3. He is just too adorable! Hope you had a nice date night!