Thursday, July 2, 2009

Six Week Pictures

I am doing so much better. It gets a little easier everyday. I hate being away from my sweet boy, but I am happy to be back to work. I love my job and my coworkers and it is really going okay. It helps to make the days easier that he is so darn cute and loving when I get home!

Monday, as a reward for me being a big girl and going to work, I decided to reward myself with pictures of Henry! was a reward and it was just time for his first professional pictures. Anyway, I thought I would share them with you all! I don't have a scanner, so I just took pictures of the pictures. Not the best way to see them, but you will get the general idea. Trust me, the real ones look way better and are totally in focus and what not. Still, he is basically the cutest baby in the entire world in these pictures (according to a totally un-bias Mama)
This is the actual outfit I brought for the pictures, but as you can see he was totally not interested in waking up. Still, he is pretty darn cute while he sleeps!
Then I decided to strip him down to his diaper. The look on his face totally says, "MAMA! WHY is this strange lady taking pictures of me NAKED?!?!"
Then I put him in one of his gowns long t-shirts and he was finally awake and let us take this completely adorable six week pic!
For the record, DO NOT change your child's clothes when going to get pictures taken unless you want to buy as least one shot in each outfit. It is impossible to just ignore the other options. Also, it is hard as hell to pic the PERFECT picture of your sweet baby. Did you all know that? Boo and I sat there and watched other mom's look at pictures that were basically identical and be all like, "well...I just love them BOTH! How do I CHOOSE???" and I was all judgy-judgerson and like, "MY GOD, just PICK one!!" *in my head of course* was my turn...and I was all like, "Hmmmm....I am just not sure...can I see the first ten again?? Can I see them next to each other?? Can I start over from the beginning??? I can't DECIDE!" So....right. No more judging other moms*.
*this may be a promise I cannot keep.


  1. Hilarious. It's amazing how much you "know" until you have to do it yourself, huh?

    Beautiful photos by the way!

  2. I do love this little boy!!


  3. How sweet Happy Fourth of July to you and your family.