Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For the Love of Dairy

So Henry's two month check up went really well. I mean, I dressed him all super cute to show him off, then on the way he spit up all over himself...but that was okay. Then my mom got him out of his car seat to show him off (by the way, my mom works at his pediatricians office) and then he spit up again...this time all over himself AND all over my mom...but you know, babies do that. Then we stripped him down to get weighed...and he spit up all over me....then the doctor came in to check him out and he spit up on the table.

So...Henry has a little spit up problem. I have tried to ignore it. All babies do it. He is NORMAL. EVERYONE spits up ALL THE TIME. It honestly comes and goes, and he was at his worst at the office. Still, when his wonderful pediatrician looked at him, and then at me with spit-up down my shirt, and my mom with it on her scrubs, and it on the table, she said the words I have been dreading...."Mama, you might want to go off dairy and see if it helps."



I think she saw the horror in my eyes. She said she knows it's hard. She had to do it too when she was breast feeding. I just have to try it for a few days and if it doesn't help then he just has a little reflux, but it is worth checking out. If it helps, I can try to work a little dairy back in over time. Like a piece of cheese a day.


But. BUT. I take in a lot of dairy. A LOT OF DAIRY. Nick and I go through two and a half gallons of milk every week. EVERY WEEK. I drink it with breakfast. I drink it with dinner. I drink it with my milk and cookies every night (shut up). I cook with it. I for the life of me cannot think of anything I make that doesn't have real butter, milk, sour cream, real cheese or cream cheese in it (but WHYYYYY can't I lose these last ten pounds??) How do I just cut out dairy?? I LOOOOOVE Dairy. Dairy and I are BFF's. I can't just ABANDON her now!

But the spit up. It is constant. It is pitiful. The little voice in my head had told me a couple of weeks ago that it might be the dairy, but the big voice in my head told the little voice to shut up and shred some cheese for dinner. Still, now that the doctor has said it I have to try it. It won't be forever. I can do it for Henry. I can. I can. I can. I can. Is it wrong I hope that it isn't the dairy, so it isn't my fault he spits up and we can go back to our dairy bliss?? I don't WANT him to spit up...I just want a solution that isn't a dairy free year...


  1. You just have to keep telling yourself it's for Henry and you can do it.
    Wow, I am all about a dairy rich diet but I can't believe how much milk the two of you consume in a week. Now, if the milk is used mmaking milkshakes then I can understand. You guys must have strong bones!

  2. I totally understand your love of dairy. I'm the same way and have had a fear that Kasen would be allergic to it and I'd have to stop drinking it. Here's hoping it's not the dairy but something else totally easy to fix for poor Henry!

  3. Oh I'm sorry, that sucks. But you can do it-you'd be surprised what you will do for you kids, and what you will go without:(

  4. HAHA....this is a great post. I can't believe he spit up so much in a 15 minute time period. Say goodbye to Mrs. Dairy.....she will be back soon. good luck! :)

  5. Dude, I think I would die if I had to give up dairy! :(

  6. OMG! I am so sorry. I would freak out. Like you, the mister and I go through a gallon and a half of milk a week. And I LOVE cheese! But you can do anything if it's for the sweet Henry! You might want to check out some soy products. I have heard that some taste actually almost (almost the keyword though) like real milk.

  7. I would still nurse. My friend's baby does the same thing and did do it when she was done nursing and guess what he still does it. I am sorry I have not been by. I changed up my blog and lost you. I will put you back very soon.

  8. DYING LAUGHING. Am I the only person that thinks you are the funniest girl in the world?!