Thursday, July 9, 2009

Morning Routine

So yesterday morning I was nursing Henry before work. We are getting a pretty good morning routine down, which is super exciting. It helps that the sweet boy loves to sleep at night. He goes to bed around 10:30 and sleeps until around four, then he is back up between seven and seven thirty to nurse before I head off to work. Once-a-night feeding that has me out of the bed for a total of thirty minutes. This boy is awesome.

Anyway, I obviously still love my sleep, so I have been working on getting the morning routine down as fast as possible. One time saver is for me to eat breakfast while he nurses. Seems smart to me. We get to enjoy our breakfast together! Genius, right? So he was nursing and I was having my coffee and doughnuts (I am healthy, I know). When he is done I burp him, then I pull him away from me and I see my bra has something all over it ( I was nursing shirtless...less mess in the morning) my thought process was as follows:

What is THAT? is that BLOOD?!?!

Oh my GOD he is BLEEDING!!!!!! He is totally BLEEDING all over the place!!!!! *starts frantically searching for the open wound. It MUST be here somewhere!!!*

Wait...what is THAT?? *inspects baby's outfit a little closer*

OH. Right. Chocolate.

Should I lick it off?? No no...that would be wrong. Obviously.

So..yeah, I totally dripped chocolate off my doughnut on to my tiny baby. Then I panicked and thought it was blood. Poor poor Henry. His Mama is clearly a crazy person...who is a messy eater. A bad combination.
Here is our very first self portrait just to show I don't let him ALWAYS sit around covered in chocolate. I do occasionally dress him in extremely high waisted sweat pants I said, poor poor Henry.


  1. two mornings in a row that henry has had panicky females as soon as he wakes up. Poor kid. I'm not going to bring you chocolate donuts if this is the way you're gonna handle it. :) He looks super cute in this picture!

  2. adorable picture!!
    Had the best day ever with Henry!!!! I love this baby and can't wait until the morning.

  3. I always dribble food all over babies. What can I say? Babies and food are both irresistible. I can't choose one over the other.

  4. Uh... I found Dorito crumbs inside of Wyatt's onesie when I changed him into his PJs once and I felt like the worst mother ever! Also.. my mother, who knows my klutzy ways, forbade me early on from drinking coffee and holding him at the same time. So now I always say I am not "allowed" to drink it, LOL

  5. I was thinking "hmmm coffee and jam donuts sounds weird" but then you said it was chocolate and I can see how that would make a yummy breakfast hehe

    Glad to know you are getting your morning routine down so well - yay for the two of you!

    Lovely pic of you both x

  6. okay that is seriously the funniest thing I have ever read!

  7. Oh my..... what a sweet face and Henry looks pretty sweet as well.


  8. That is a funny least it wasn't coffee?!?!