Friday, June 4, 2010

BP, I Hate You

I was going to blog about random mommy-blogging stuff today, but I have something else to get off my chest. I have put a lot of thought into this, and I just wanna say, I hate BP. I know hate is a strong word, but I really feel okay about pulling out the big guns (we were never allowed to use the word "hate" in our house growing up). I keep listening to the news each night (yes, I have officially grown up and watch the news now) and each day I hear more and more about the oil. The promises that it is about to stop. The terrible terrible pictures of the animals and the wet lands (heartbreaking photos) as days and weeks go by with no end in sight. The projected path of the oil and how it will cover America's east coast. It is just devastating our country.

And now the news anchors have turned their attention to Pensacola Beach. My beach. My families beach. The beach we are taking Henry in six weeks time. The beach I want to be his first. the first sand between his toes. His first sand castle. His first taste of salt water. And now we sit on pins and needles waiting for word on if they will close the beach. And we will change our plans. And our perfect family beach will be forever changed. Not because of a natural disaster, but because of a preventable man made one.

So, I hate you BP. I hate you down in the depths of my soul. I hate your cover-ups and your concerns with your image over your desire to fix the problem. I hate that you allowed this to happen. I hate that you told your employees not to wear masks because they look bad in pictures. I hate that you hired fake workers for when the president was there to look good. I hate that you HAVEN'T STOPPED THE OIL LEAK. But I guess most of all I hate America's dependency on oil. That we needed to ever let you drill off shores in the first place. But for now I will take my hate out on you, BP. And at least promise to never get gas at one of their gas stations again. Ever. I think I can keep the promise. The hate runs deep.


  1. I agree with you 100% on this. The disregard for our environment and all the creatures that inhabit it, just terrifies me. It's truly heart breaking. BP will NEVER EVER get another one of my hard-earned cents! I hate them too!

  2. I'm been a bad commenter of late - reading your posts but not finding the time to comment, which I am sorry for *blushes*... but I HAVE to comment on this.

    I hate BP too... I hate the way that this whole situation has been handled and I hate seeing what is happening to your coastline because I know how big a deal it was when we had oil tankers sink near our coasts and we only had a fraction of what you have to deal with xx

    Mostly, though, I hate the dependency on oil too. I hate that the people in high up places who make all the money stop science giving us newer, more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of running our cars and living our lives. I hate that to find any kind of eco-friendly solutions you have to search, rather than it being available as an alternative option at every store you go to. But right now, I hate BP too, because they have really let everybody down... I feel for you xx

  3. I agree 100%....I hate BP! Our family has condos in Gulf Shores, Alabama and that is like our second home. We go there all the time and now our beautiful beaches are ruined. They have closed the beaches (at least the water) as of today and who knows when they will reopen! It makes me so sad to know that there is no end in sight!

  4. Agreed completely. We grew up going to Mobile, Destin and Ft. Walton Beach as kids, and it breaks my heart to think of what's going to happen there. I've found myself using the "hate" word quite a bit, and have been close to tears a few times watching the news (partly the baby hormones, I'm sure). It's just such a terrible, and avoidable, tragedy. :(

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