Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Brass Band Festival

The town where my parents live have a Bass Band Festival every year. Last year my mom and sisters went, but Henry was really to small for an outside event in the heat of summer, so we stayed home. This year we decided to all go as a family and bring a picnic to celebrate my little sisters birthday (Happy Birthday Aunt Missy!!). We had such a blast. I love doing things out-doors. It makes me feel all active and involved in the community! And they always have funnel cakes at those sorts of things. I am a sucker for funnel cakes. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of our family at the Big Band Festival. Our little family enjoying the sunshine!
We tried to make Henry wear a hat. It lasted about the same amount of time that it took me to take this picture.
They boys. Notice Henry's hat is now nowhere to be seen.
Henry says, "Mama, I LOVE being outside! Why don't we do this more often??"
Me and my sister, Boo.
Boo and her husband Chris
Henry got a little hot, so we stripped him down to his onsie. I love this picture of him listening to the music.
Did I mention Henry is learning to climb? God help us all. Also, Henry loves his Nanny.
My attempt of a picture of the festival. It didn't really come out like I wanted. Imagine bass band music, and a big stage, and tons of get the idea.
At dark my mom broke out the glow necklaces. She's cool like that. They were a big hit! Here is Aunt Missy and Henry showing them off.
My mom with her girls. Henry isn't sure about this necklace thing after all.
My parents. Adorable.
Alright, that's enough. Henry says we are outta here!
**I took no pictures of the actual picnic, which was delicious and a huge success. I also took no pictures to show that we ended up meeting up with some friends of my sisters and hanging out with them too. Sorry there is no proof you all were there Shawna! My bad.**

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  1. SOOO fun! Henry was wonderful, food was delicious, music was grand, time with my family... priceless!!!