Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Time

Well, the unofficial start of summer is upon us, and we have hit the ground running around here. Henry not only had his first swimming experience this weekend, but he also had his very first baseball game! Enjoy the pictures of the start of our summer! Henry says, "Let's get this pool party started!!"
Hanging out with Papa waiting to get back in the pool after some rain. Henry says, "Raise the Roof! This pool this is AWESOME!"
Having a blast with Mama!
Next up was a trip to the ball field. Here is the family before the big game
A man and his boy enjoying the American Past-time
Protected from wild hits by the baby cage. Henry isn't sure how he feels about said "cage" but he is positive it has no need for shoes.
My boys *love*
Loving on my sweet Henry Aunt Boo and Uncle Chris were there too! We actually went with some of Boo's school friends. It was so fun!

A family shot. Contrary to the look on Henry's face, he did actually LOVE the game!

Hope you all are getting to enjoy the start of summer too!

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