Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Time

So it's summer time around here and we constantly seem to be doing something fun. And I commonly take pictures of these fun activities with true plans of writing a blog post about each and every event. And then time passes and we go to something new and I never get around to actually posting any of the pictures. is a random post of some of the pictures of our summer so far. They are in no logical order. Enjoy! Henry and his Aunt Boo playing at the pool!
Henry loves the pool. We have been going on my day off work to get ready for the beach! He has been the only boy at the pool with a swim shirt on all summer and I was starting to think I was that annoying over protective mom that makes their kid have the big flag on their bike or cover their back-packs in reflectors, but today I saw like ten other boys with them on. Apparently we are just trend setters.
Back a few weeks ago my sweet best friend had Henry a birthday part since she was out of town for the actual day. She had a cake and presents and it was super awesome. Here are me and Carter Helping Henry open one of his presents. It was his very first Thomas the Train toy! She got him the Henry train of course.
So Nick decided that Henry needed a fort. So he turned the pack-n-play into one in the living room. It is Henry's favorite place. And after he goes to bed, it is Ellie's favorite place as well.
My parents had a cook out on Father's Day Weekend and Henry was adorable at it!
Nick and my little sister taking a self portrait at the cook out. I think it is so cute!
Boo and Chris hanging out
Four Generations. Me, Henry, Great Nana and my dad
Four Generations again! Me, Henry, my mom, Great Mamaw and Great Pa!
We have also been spending lots of time at Grandaddy and Gram's pool! Here is Henry enjoying his float. Notice Ellie on her own float in the back ground.
Nick schooling everyone in the family at ping pong
Henry hanging out with Meagan

And a sweet one of him and Savanna. At least I am about 99% positive the first picture was Meagan and the second is Savanna. Or 90% sure. Or at least 50-50. (sorry girls. One day I will figure it out for sure!)

And we are done!


  1. oh I do love a good photo post!

    I love the way kids create their "favourite" places out of the most random things - and as for that fort, well, it is just perfect! I love the quilt... is it handmade?

    And Ellie on her own floatie - how cute is that??