Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I went to see Eclipse last night, and because I feel that my opinion must be heard, I figured I would write up a review for you all! But before I get all into it, I want to point out that the Harry Potter Preview was in it. And I may or may not have actually squealed with joy. You can watch the preview here. Now, on to the Eclipse review. know...Spoilers.

This movie was by far the best of the three. BY FAR. I mean, I don't expect it to win an academy award (although I fully expect it to sweep the MTV awards) but seriously you all, this movie is just dramatically better than the first two. When the movie started and it opened up in the meadow with Bella and Edward I was a little worried. The dialogue felt rushed and I was just like, "oh yeah, the movies sorta bother me a little". I mean, I like the first two. But I like them because I love the books. I feel like I always need to make excuses for them. But not this one. This one is just so much better. So here is a list of things I liked, or didn't think worked, with the movie. In bullet form. Because it is easier.

  • I loved Every single Cullen. I like that they finally got to tell their stories and had bigger rolls to play. It was nice as a fan of the book to get to see the other characters that we love.
  • Emmett was awesome. I have this love of Emmett from the books and I feel like his character really got to shine in this one. I know his parts were small, but he played them really well. (As a side note, my 16 year old step-sister in law has this life size cardboard cutout of Emmett in her room and her sister has one of Jacob and I just love it. It reminds me of how I used to have one of Keanu Reeves from Speed when I was sixteen. Ah memories.)
  • Jasper's hair was like a million times better. I also really liked his back story.
  • Bella's wig. It bothered me a little.
  • Edward and Bella just seemed so much less awkward together. Their relationship finally had flow and seemed logical.
  • Jacob. Oh poor Jacob.
  • I feel like Alice has gotten the shaft in the movies. She is a MAIN characters in he books. Number 4 after Bella, Edward and Jacob. And yet in the movies it's like she is just one of the Cullens. Alice deserves better.
  • I loved the sex talk between Bella and her dad. Actually made me laugh out loud. Something about it came out as just honest.
  • I thought the scene in the bedroom when Edward truly proposes was great. I was worried it would be super cheesy, but it wasn't.
  • I loved the vampires in Seattle.
  • One of my favorite scenes in all the books was when Edward and Jacob have their conversation in the tent. I was so happy they kept it so true to the book.
  • The fight was pretty awesome. It was nice to finally have some true action. The Cullens, the wolves, the newborns (poor Bree). Enjoyable.
  • I missed the connection between Edward and Seth. For some reason I always liked how they became friends after fighting together. I was sad they cut that.
  • I really like Dakota Fanning as Jane.
So that's about it I guess. Like I said, it wont win as Oscar, but it was the first of the three that I felt did the book justice. I really loved it. I hope they can do the same for Breaking Dawn (part one and two).

So what did you all think??


  1. I've only just finished the first book, but everyone has said the films are a real let down after the book so I don't even know if I want to see the films now - I like the movie that plays in my head as I read it much better!! I have no idea what the spoilers were about, because I'm nowhere near that stage of the story yet, but it sounds like I needn't get too excited about the movies... ho hum, especially if it takes until the third film for Edward and Bella's relationship to become less awkward, it stops being awkward very quickly in the book... well, there are awkward bits, but not because of how they feel around each other... man, I am obsessed with this book right now hehe

    Also... the Cullens aren't a big thing in the movies? How can that be? I love the Cullens, all of them, especially Alice and Esme!

    I'm going to butt out now before I decide not to even give the films a chance hehe - thanks for your account on the whole thing!

  2. So, I splurged & went yesterday... I missed about half of it cuz my little boy wanted to play the whole time! Thankfully, I got to see the whole fight scene... but the proposal + tent scene (my favorite, also!) missed!!

    Going back in the morning & my MIL is sweet enough to watch Elias for me! Sooooo looking forward to it!