Saturday, July 17, 2010

Safe and Sound

We hit the road on Friday at 5pm and rolled into Mexico Beach/Port St. Joe around 2pm on Saturday. Let me tell you, traveling with a baby is different. Really different. Henry really did awesome, it was just a totally different car ride from loud music and constant talking. It was more Toy Story and Shrek* in the background with one adult in the back seat and our dog Ellie riding shotgun. For the record, Ellie was in heaven. And still is. A dog friendly beach house is totally the way to go.

We stopped at Great Grandma's to sleep on the way down and Henry loved seeing her, but had a hard time adjusting. We are stopping in on the way home for a longer visit, so I am sure it will be great to spend more time with her!

We didn't make it to the beach yesterday, so I don't have any actual pictures just yet. Except this one I just took of my brother in law in our living room...
For the first time ever we are 100 yards off the beach rather than having it right out our back door. This living room is the main reason. When searching for a house to stay in, the two couches that comfortably would seat ten adults (we have seven) the 60 inch TV, and the amazing kitchen with ten person table and high chair sorta stole our hearts. We will find out today how different the walk feels. We have a great view of the water from our deck, so I am not too worried!

Last night we went out to eat at a little brick oven pizza place in town called Jo Mama. If you are ever here, go eat there. It is so awesome. The entire town is truly adorable. We have been here all of one day and we can truly say we are in love with Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach.

What? You all came here to see Henry at the beach? Well, he is still in bed. I KNOW. The child morphed into someone else as soon as we crossed state lines. BUT, here he is with his "Run Around Gang" Suitcase that was his Papa's right as we walked out the door. Just because.

And now we head to the beach!!

*Thanks Charing for the DVD player! It mounted to the seat PERFECTLY and may have saved our life on the car ride!! XOXO

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