Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pictures, Pictures

We are having a blast down here. We have been down to the beach everyday and basically been just hanging out and relaxing. I have so many pictures to show you all. Maybe I should make an effort to post pictures everyday just so I don't have to do so many all at once. Believe it or not I was VERY selective on which pictures to post. Which may be hard to believe. So here we go! Here is our little family after dinner at Marley's last night. The food was just ok, but the picture is great!
The sisters
At the restaurant
Boo and Chris
My adorable parents
Henry is loving the beach!
My Daddy hanging out watching a movie
The girls working on dinner. We are cooking amazing food while we are down here. If there is one thing my family loves to do is eat together. Laughing and talking and enjoying great food.
Boo and Chris at the condo
Hanging out with Mama in nothing but his skin (and a diaper of course)
In case you all were wondering, Miss Ellie is here and loving being on the beach! She has been down to the ocean and liked it okay. She LOVES being at the beach house with the family!
Sweet Henry has actually been a little sick on this trip. It started on the drive down and has settled in to a little cold. Mainly just a runny nose, but enough to keep him up at night and make it hard for him to breath. Poor baby. We have been waiting it out, but the snot turned yellow (lovely vacation talk) so we might have to make a little trip to the UTC. So that sucks. Besides that everything has been perfect around here! More pictures to come later in the week. And maybe I will even tell a story or two. We have some good ones.

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  1. So sorry to hear Henry's not been doing so well - I hope whatever he has clears up soon! Glad to hear you are all having a wonderful holiday together, it looks and sounds like so much fun. And before I forget... I love, love, LOVE the photo of Ellie and Henry - how cute that she is licking his finger just as you take the picture xx