Thursday, July 8, 2010

Excuse Me While I Turn into a Total Biology Geek for a Second

So I know I don' talk about my actual job on here often. Mainly because I know most of you really don't care or wouldn't find it that interesting. Still, every now and then I have to indulge the Biology geek inside and tell you all about something super cool that happens around here.

So today a biologist came in to ask for my help on a study he is doing. ( I am playing a very small role. Like tiny. Like this study has been going on for four years and I will complete my tiny roll in a week. But still. So excited. ) He tells me that a few years ago he was reading a paper by Charles Darwin's son about carnivorous plants. ( because who doesn't find carnivorous plants fascinating? I mean, they are plants...that are CARNIVORES! So awesome) And at the end of the paper Charles Darwin himself wrote a note that asked a future biologist to look into this specific species to see if it is carnivorous. And nobody ever did. Until now. So this Biologist at the University has been trying to answer the question asked by Charles Darwin himself. And I get to help. A little.

I know lots of people are sorta anti-Darwin, but as a Biologist, he is just tops. And to have even the smallest hand in answering a question he asked some future biologist to study. It's just...awesome.

While I am geeking out about work, I have also started working with antibiotic testing. Which, just...yay!! I am excited about it. I am really loving my new job.

Don't worry, tomorrow we will be back to normal around here. I have to tell you all about Henry's first swim lesson!


  1. I took A Level Biology and that was the extent of my knowledge and I have forgotten most of it, but it sounds very exciting (the whole Darwin thing... I am big on Darwin too, having worked in the tourist office in Cambridge - I even went into his old rooms in the college last year that they had done up to how it would have been when he was there!!)

    So glad you are loving your new job xx

  2. That's very cool! I read a synopsis of Charles Darwin's life and also have his book "Insectivorous Plants". I think that is quite awesome that you get to have a hand in answering a question he asked so long ago!