Thursday, July 15, 2010


We recently found out that this fall we will have to replace our entire heating and air system in our home. This little job is going to cost us around seven to eight thousand dollars. SEVEN TO EIGHT. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. That's like, a decent used car. That's like, a trip to Europe. It's astronomical amount of money for something that we never get to say "Ooooooo....look at my awesome new hot air! How LUXURIOUS!" about. I mean, I get it. I get that we own an old home. And we love that about it. Our neighborhood has beautiful trees and nice big yards. The tiny little ranch has some character. The neighborhood is perfect and in an awesome location. And those pluses have to come with some minuses. Like things are old. Things are small. We have no closet space (apparently people in the 50's required no storage). But still. STILL. Seven to eight thousand dollars. FOR TEMPERATE AIR.

So needless to say we have been scrounging around and looking under all the couch cushions, but we haven't managed to find that amount of cash laying around. We are going to have to come up with a plan. And it finally sunk in to me today that that plan will mean that we are going to postpone our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle I have mentally planned for the fall. It's like I have just been ignoring that this is possible to change. Pushing forward with our plan for baby #2 to begin no later than October. At first I was thinking this summer, but then the new job made that time line impossible. So I put off the thinking of baby #2 until then. Well, sort of. I put off obsessing over baby #2 until then.

But now...I look at the budget and I keep trying to tweak it and squeeze out a couple more dollars. To find a way to get the furnace and the FET to both fit into the fall budget. And...they just don't. We will get a nice tax return from the furnace in the spring. We will see how the new system affects the gas and electric bills by then. We will have a better idea of what we can afford. It is smarter to wait until the spring. Much smarter. But why does my heart hurt so much about it? Damn infertility. It sure would be nice if getting pregnant was free.

**I know this post is a little bit of a downer, which is bad timing seeing as how with the Sammie situation I had two downer posts already this week. But I wrote this on Tuesday before we decided about Sammie, and I really want to post it before we leave on vacation. Because on vacation I want to post nothing but happy beach pictures, stories and videos. So don't fret. There will be lots of light-hearted family fun coming your way on Bio Girl in the next week!**


  1. Oh I am so sorry about this - no wonder you want to get it out there, because it really does suck!

    Tim and I desperately want to start trying for a family soon because I am terrified we'll have fertility issues and the sooner we start trying the sooner we will know where we stand - but right now we can't because of the wedding coming up, only having one wage coming in, needing a new car before our current one dies (it is very old), passing my driving test so that if we do have a baby I am not totally stranded etc... I can't begin to pretend I know how you're feeling, so I hope you don't think my comment presumptuous in any way, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and wish things were easier for you xx

  2. Hi Sarah - I know how you feel. Ellie was born 5-10-09, and we want to try for a second baby. We have come to the realization that we must wait until the beginning of the year to try for baby #2. It is hard since it took a year of infertility treatments before I conceived Ellie. On an another note we are also leaving for Panama City Beach on Friday. I am not sure where you are going on the coast, but I hope that you have no oil.

  3. I have already started saving--because I know ours wont hang on forever, and it scares the jeepers outta me. Such a big expense. UGH. Im so sorry. Like you, I want to put those funds towards another little one (adoption for us) so its frustrating. Thinking of you

  4. I so relate to this. I don't think people really think about or realize the real toll of infertility. If only we could all become parents the easy way! i"m right there with you in the yearning for baby #2. Thoughts and prayers...