Thursday, July 29, 2010

Florida Wrap Up

Well, I am just so excited about Cici. So so so excited. But I guess I need to wrap up the Florida pictures seeing as how tomorrow I will be heading to meet her. Obviously I will then be blogging about her perfectness. There will be no time for vacation talk at that point. But there were a couple of pictures that are worth posting, so here you go! Nanny, Papaw and Sweet Henry at the beach. I love this picture
Playing in the ocean with Mama and Aunt Missy. Mama is a dork.
Man, playing at the beach really wears you out! I like how he is holding the juice box so you can clearly read the label. Looks like a Juicy Juice ad.
The last night we went into Panama City and played a little putt putt. Boo and Chris played to decide the sex of the baby. Chris won, so it was a clear sign of a boy. Wrong!
Me and Nick at Putt Putt
On the way home we stopped in at Great-Grandma's for a day. Nick took Henry for a ride in Great-Grandaddy's wagon.
Henry was a big fan! I think we will have to get him one of his own.

So that's it for vacation. Tomorrow I get to meet Cici! know...expect a ton of baby pictures coming your way!

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  1. Thanks for the last of the holiday pics :) so funny that Chris and Boo played to guess the sex of the baby, and that they got it wrong! Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about Darcy xx