Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Niece or Nephew?

We are on the final count down to my sister and her husbands sweet baby! The c-section is scheduled for noon central time, and I don't think my eyes will stray from the clock until then. I am counting down the seconds. It is harder than I can say to not be there to celebrate as this sweet baby is born. But we will be there Friday, and I cannot wait!

So, to kill some time my sister thought it would be fun to take some guesses on if everyone thinks this baby is a boy or a girl and the weight. You can head on over to her blog and leave a comment with your guess! I will post over there and here on bio girl as soon as the sweet baby arrives.

So so so excited.

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  1. sooooo excited for you all :) (and I left a guess over at Boo's blog)