Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Boy

Yesterday Nick and I spent a large chunk of our day off work packing up baby toys and baby clothes. Henry is growing so fast, so we were really in need of another massive clean out. In this cycle went all the bottles, passies, bib's, burp clothes and baby toys. Because he is too big to need any of those things anymore. He loves his trucks and his stuffed animals. He can play with blocks and stacking cups for hours. Oh and his books, he loves it when we read to him. Always bringing books over and crawling into our laps. He is crawling less and less and walking more and more. We don't feel the need to keep our hands out to catch him just-in-case now. He is steady on his feet. He laughs at things on Sesame Street, or when we make funny noises or faces at him. He loves being chased, and loves it more when he is caught and tickled.

He is strong willed. Oh, is he. He over reacts to not getting his way. He throws his body and the floor and hits his head against the ground. Then he slowly looks up to make sure we are seeing his despair. He eats everything in sight and can now eat off a plate without tossing it on the floor. He is so curious about spoons, and tries to use one on his own. He is nearly sleeping through the night. He wakes up at 5:30 to get into bed with us, kisses us both and flops down to go back to sleep until seven thirty. He gives us kisses all the time. And always with a loud "Mmmmwwwwaaa!". He dances constantly. Whenever there is any music, or sometimes just any sound at all. He seems to like rap and rock most, but he also loves the music on The Weather Channel.

My boy is growing up. He is slowly losing all the things that make him a baby to the outside world. A toddler who will always be my baby. I love him so much it sometimes takes my breath away.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post... so happy and sad at the same time - they grow so fast, don't they?

    I had to laugh when you said he loves the music on the weather channel... a slight difference to rap, I'm guessing!!

  2. So sweet Sarah! It is true, little ones grow so fast. Now I know why some women keep having babies. The precious baby moments go by quickly. Enjoy your baby boy!

  3. This is such a sweet post! You have an amazing little boy. Duh! You already know that!