Monday, June 21, 2010

The Vacation Relocation Bonus

So you all remember how I hate BP, right? Well that hate is still strong. We have officially decided to move the location of our family vacation. We just weren't comfortable continuing to plan to be in Pensacola in mid July. At this point only 1% of the beach has seen tar balls, but it is pretty clear that actual oil will be washing up soon. So we are moving. We are still staying in the panhandle (assuming nothing crazy know, like more OIL) but we are going to the far eastern edge. About 45 miles past Panama City. We have found a perfect beach house and I am really excited about the trip. If the oil does happen to make it all the way there by mid July, they are giving us a full refund, so we were comfortable booking.

So even though I hate the fact that BP is ruining my favorite beach, I am willing to focus on the positive. One of the positives of your relocation? Someone very special gets to come with us.
No, not him. He would be coming no matter where we went! (although we are really excited about THAT first trip to the beach too!)
It's Her! (can't you tell she LOVES to vacation.)

Oh yes, we are bring Ellie. To the beach! We are so excited. Our little dog, well, she is a finicky girl. She is terrified to be left alone or with strangers. (And by strangers I mean close friends or family.) She doesn't do well when we go on vacations and it is always a point of stress for me and Nick. We want to go, but good lord we feel bad leaving her. She wont eat. Her hair falls out. Her stomach gets so upset that she gets sick. She wont get out from under the is mess. Don't even mention the word "kennel". I think she would have a heart attack before we got her threw the door!

Nick always asks if we can bring her, but no rental houses on Pensacola Beach allow dogs (at least that we have found). But in Mexico Beach, Dogs are totally welcome! They LOVE dogs! They LIVE for dogs! So...Ellie is seeing the ocean for the first time. We really think she is going to love it. We know we will love having her along. Sammie says: What? Why don't I get to come?? Don't people take their 17 year old cats on vacation too? I mean, I know I never stop meowing in the car, but I thought you all LIKED that. Well, as long as you take that barking dog and ear pulling baby, I think I will enjoy my relaxing week home alone just fine. I guess I am cool with the plan. As long as you have someone come feed me!

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  1. Awwww, sounds like you'll be in MY neck of the woods! :) We just went to St. George Island today & saw three dolphins. Tomorrow, we're heading to Cape San Blas to hit the beach again!

    Hope you enjoy your stay in the Panhandle!