Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Day Rest

6:30am - I feel two little hands on my arm. I open my eyes to the sweetest smile you have ever seen. He throws his body on top of mine, then pops his head up to grin some more. He laughs hysterically. I realize we are most definitely up for the day.

6:40-Henry has waffles, yogurt, blueberries and strawberries. Mama has coffee. Lots of coffee. I unload and reload the dishwasher and switch out the clothes in the washer and dryer.

7:15- We both get dressed and ready

7:30- Out the door. Nick is still sleeping.

7:45-Bank. Bank is closed so have to use ATM

7:55-Mama decides coffee isn't enough and gets Chic-fil-a breakfast while talking to Charing on the phone. Charing has been a Mama for 19 years. She is always awake before eight.

8:10- Grocery shopping for the week. Get first spot in the parking lot. Hear the pep talk for the day workers by the management. Laugh that they have a Walmart cheer that they all must sing.

9:15- Stop by old work with program they need. Chat for a bit.

9:30-Put away groceries while Henry has a morning snack. Consider a morning snack for mama as well. Settle on iced coffee.

9:40-Get ready for the pool!

9:55- Write a post about the exact moment you realized that 10am is no longer early, and sleeping in is anything past 8am. Babies change everything.

10am-10pm- Continue on with our relaxing day off. Pool for a couple hours, lunch, nap for baby, read book for Mama, shopping for vacation, cleaning house, dinner with friends, home, stories, snacks, bedtime. Sleep.

A perfect day.

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  1. we loved seeing you guys yesterday! we'll definatly do the pool asap! i love sitting in the beach area :)