Monday, June 7, 2010

Over the Sickness...Along with a Rant

Well, Henry is finally starting to feel better. Did I tell you all he was sick? I can't remember. Well, if I didn't, Henry has been sick. It has been going on for a few weeks now and over Memorial Day weekend Nick and I got a wild hair to google some of his symptoms and...well...let's just say you should never google your one year old's poop color on a holiday weekend. Nothing good can come of it. Turns out what WebMD calls LIVER FAILURE Henry's doctor calls a virus. Good to know. Sorry we call the on call service to make sure. But you know...LIVER FAILURE sounds serious.

Anyway, he seems to be back on his feet. A key to being back on his feet is that he is once again eating well. I never realized how important it was to me that Henry is such a great eater until he stopped eating. I totally get why he didn't want to eat. His stomach was a disaster. I am sure he had no appetite and didn't like what the food did to his stomach. I get it. Really. But that didn't stop me from panicking every meal because he simply WOULD. NOT. EAT.

Well, he ate. Just not enough. For me. I guess this bug has shown me that I am a little sensitive about Henry's weight. I never realized it before because he was such a champion eater, but this little boycott made me realize that I worry about it. I worry about how thin he is. The "He's so Skinny!!" comments from strangers started to bother me more. The size of his arms made me worry we weren't doing enough for him. Not offering him enough options. Not forcing food on him! He wanted nothing to do with a spoon during the illness, so we would sit at the table for AGES waiting for him to eat his cracker and piece of cheese and maybe a pea or two. It killed me.

So, I guess the point is, I am so glad he is better. So thrilled that he ate 1/3 a cheeseburger (with bun) a ton of mac and cheese and an ungodly amount of peas, carrots, corn and green beans for dinner last night. With two glasses of whole milk. Take THAT people who say he is super skinny! My boy eats and he eats well. He has a high metabolism like his parents. And when people have upset stomachs they choose to not keep filling them with food. It totally makes since. I just need to remind myself sometimes.
Henry says: "Mama, looks at this body! The ladies are gonna love me!!"

Mama says: "Henry, no talk about ladies. Now eat your cracker!"

** I feel the need to point out that he is naked because the power was out so we had no AC. And that he is carrying around a cracker because I am obsessed.**


  1. He's just like you. You were unbelievably thin/skinny when you were a little one. It's all in the genes. Try not to worry. He'll be fine. Look in the mirror.

  2. gee that kid is SKINNY---heh :D