Monday, January 10, 2011


Henry loves Cici so much. Oh my goodness, it warms my heart to see them together. They spend at least two days a week together while we are at work, and they see each other in the evenings several times a week. Henry just loves to look at her, to give her hugs and kisses, to offer her his toys to share. He loves it when she laughs and her face lights up when he comes near. As much as I want a sibling for Henry, I never fear he will be alone. I know he has his cousin, and you can already see that love is strong.


  1. It's so wonderful to be raised with cousins.

  2. Oh my, you really know how to make a girl well up with emotion, don't you?!

    I rarely saw any of my cousins growing up, and even the ones I saw regularly was once a year (if that) and only before I was about 8! One of the reasons Tim and I first chose to live in Cambridge was so that we would be close to our nieces and nephew, but it was too expensive to live there and we had to move. The move was good, but we still try and visit regularly and even have our 10 year old niece over for a week each school holiday. So I hope we can keep that up if we're lucky enough to have a family of our own.

  3. Wyatt will probably never have a sibling but he loves Micah so much. I love seeing Henry and Darcy together!!!