Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair Cut Blues

I feel like I have been really down on the blog lately. Maybe I have just been sorta down all the time lately, I am not really sure. I fell okay. Not like I am the happiest I have ever been, but definitely okay. Who knows. Anyway, I noticed the blog had taken a turn for the Negative Nelly side, and wanted to fix that. I told myself that I would NOT write a depressing post for at least week. Seemed extremely doable. Then I took Henry for his second official hair cut.

I guess I need to first tell you how much I love Henry's hair. It adore it. I love it when it is wild and crazy in the mornings, I love washing it in the tub, I love it as it bounces as he runs and plays all over the house. I know a lot of people with boys go for the buzz cut as soon as possible so as to not have to mess with hair, but that just isn't me. I love my moppy headed baby.

His hair is still baby thin on top, but has started to thicken out on the bottom. I had noticed he was starting to take on a little "party in the back" look, so thought I needed to take him in to get it shaped up again. Just a little bang trim and shaping. I didn't want to change the look, just clean it up. I can't remember my exact wording but I know I used "Shaggy" "I like him moppy headed" "I don't really want it to look much different, just trim the bands and get rid of the mullet look, but KEEP IT SHAGGY".

Then she got out the scissors and started to cut. And after the very first cut my heart sank. I mentioned again that I really wanted to stay the same, just clean it up... but I knew it was too late. She assured me that was what she was going, but it was clear she didn't get it. She had no idea what I wanted and since I didn't bring a picture* she just went with what she THOUGHT I meant. At the very end she got out the clippers, just to clean up the bottom she said. And I wanted to stop her, but at that point it had to be done. She had cut his hair in a way that meant it needed it. I fought the tears there. My eyes swam with them, but I held them in. She told me not to cry, that it was adorable. And it was, it is. It's just not what I wanted. My sweet baby looks much less like a baby today than he did yesterday. And that just breaks my heart.

Here is a before picture:
First Milk Shake
Sharing his very first milk shake with his Papa

And an after picture of the back...
New Hair Cut
And I know it will grow back. I know that. It's just hair. I know I am over reacting. It's just... it was my babies hair. And I loved it so. Growing it back out is just different from cutting it off for the very first time. So I cried. A lot. More than needed. More than was rational. But it felt like just one more piece of his babyness was now gone. And I wasn't ready.
He, on the other hand, doesn't seem to mind in the slightest. (check out that eye color)

* I just tried to find a picture of what I want, and I couldn't. There is one on Facebook of a friends little boy, but I wouldn't want to post that. I know what I want, but if Google images can't come up with it, maybe it isn't exactly a common look. Oh well. We will start growing it back out today.


  1. His hair was so adorable! It still is, but I can see what you mean - he does look a lot older. He is still adorable though! Such a cutie.

  2. Oh, he's adorable. I just cut my son's hair for the first time. He, too, looks so much more grown up. Like a boy instead of a baby. Fortunately, he has curly hair so it was hard for me to mess up. His father was against me cutting it, but it was time.

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  4. Becky said...
    My husband took the kid to get his second haircut on his 2nd birthday. I clearly instructed him to just trim it. He brought me home a bald baby. I cried and cried. And then I couldn't look at the kid because it was so awful, and I didn't want to look at the hubby, because I was so mad. It grew back, but I haven't forgotten how upsetting it was...

  5. It's insane (and heartwrenching for the momma, I agree) how much a haircut can send them from "baby" to "little boy." I'm sorry that she didn't do what you asked. I, for one, would have been really ticked.

  6. I love shaggy hair on babies too :) Glad I have a girl and can just pin back bangs with a bow. It lets me justify not cutting it. Henry looks very handsome with his new do' but I bet it was traumatizing for mama!

  7. Hi from ICLW! Sorry about having to cut his hair earlier than you wanted, but he does look super cute.

  8. I completely understand what you mean! I took my little boy for his first real haircut today and I panicked when I saw all the hair falling while she cut it! He didn't have much hair to begin with and it looks good, he just isn't my baby anymore! Now he's so grown up looking and I'm so sad!!

  9. He's adorable with both hair dos! Happy ICLW!

  10. I have to admit I have been glad I had a girl for this very reason. I can keep growing out her baby hair for as long as her dad and I want to. I know it's just hair, but cutting it makes me feel like letting go of a piece of her babyhood, just like you said.

    I hope you didn't give the girl much of a tip for not listening to you. Stupid girl. Sorry she bummed you out. :(

  11. I just went through this with my Kaedyn and let me tell you - I begged my husband to get the super glue and just put it back on after he was done. The buzz cut after 5-6 inches of hair is kinda growing on me, but I miss running my fingers through his hair. I miss it. :(

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  12. I wanted to stop by and say a BIG thank you for your kind words on my blog this week. Losing my friend has been incredibly difficult, and will continue to be this way, but having the support of you and everyone out here makes it so much easier.

    Also, you son is ADORABLE! Love the pic of the shared milkshake.

  13. I gave you an award on my blog. Thanks for your support and your blog and for being awesome!