Friday, January 21, 2011

ICLW and my Good Boy

Isn't it amazing how fast a month can fly by? It's time again for International Comment Leaving Week, which in the blog world just might be my favorite week each month. Okay, it TOTALLY is my favorite week each month. My blogging stamina is completely fueled by comments. Well... that my strong desire to over-share. But mostly it runs on comments. So this week is like a five hour energy drink to help me get through the rest of the month!

Anyway, welcome to all of you ICLW readers! I am Sarah. I like to blog. I have stage four endometriosis, and that sucks. I am married to Nick, who is rather awesome, if I do say so myself. We are both nerds. We watch too much TV and don't eat very healthy, but at least we found each other. You can read our entire TTC History here, but the short version is that after three medicated IUI's we moved on to IVF and with our first try had our sweet Henry*. He is now 20 months old (Good LORD, where does the time go. I almost have a TWO year old!) and we are gearing up for out FET to try for baby #2. Actually, I officially started my birth control pills for our transfer scheduled for March. Come next ICLW, I will officially be on the estrogen patches and this train really will be rolling. Yesterday I would have said it still felt far away, but it's only one month. And if ICLW has taught me anything, it's how fast a month can roll around!

* What? You wanna SEE sweet Henry? Oh okay. FINE.
Reading in Bed
Last night Henry got into his own bed and decided to spend some time reading quietly. I peaked in there, he smiled at me, and then got back to "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" It's riveting reading you know.

He is such a good boy.


  1. Henry is so cute.
    good luck with you FET. I'm sure Henry will be a great big brother.
    Thinking of your sister and hope she is okay.

  2. Hi Im visiting from ICLW. Your little guy is adorable!! Good Luck with your upcoming fet!!

  3. Happy ICLW! :) And what a cute boy!!!! I love it when I see W reading, he's only 9 months old so its pretend rading, and often upside down- but its still precious :)

    I heart ICLW because I get to find new people to follow, will certainly be adding you! :) Happy blogging!

  4. Good luck with your FET!! Your lil boy is precious!!
    ICLW #119

  5. How sweet is this!!! Thank you for a sharing a success story! i will be starting my first IVF in February and it is overwhelming!! It is rare to hear success stories so thank you! And good luck on your FET! oh- you lille one is adorable!

  6. He is so cute! The two year old I've nannied for over a year now does this too and I find it so adorable. Only one month and with a toddler, it will definitely fly by! Best of luck!

  7. Happy ICLW!!!
    He is such a sweetie pie. Of course wishing you all the best for your FET.

    ICLW #56

  8. Dropping by again for ICLW week!
    Cute pix of your boy! =)
    And I look forward to following your next TTC journey.
    I'm currently on (Vivelle) Patches for a Mock Cyle (considering IVF D/E) - fun stuff!
    Take Care!
    The C's

  9. Adorable! Good luck with your FET. Are you lucky, like me, to be struggling the "terrible two's"? Lovey Girl is 21 months, so not quite 2 yet, but she's on target I guess. Is your little one in a toddler bed? We bought one (love Craig's List), but LG isn't antsy to be free yet so she's still in her crib.


  10. He's a cutie! We have a similar crib and its good to see how it looks with the toddler rails on.


  11. Saying hi for ICLW.
    You have a cute little man there and fingers crossed for success with your FET

    ICLW #44

  12. He's super cute, and will be a great big brother for sure! :)

    Good luck with everything, I can't imagine how exhausting all that is with a 2 year old to boot. Hopefully a couple of back to back pregnancies will help your endo... I was lucky and got pg the old fashioned way and after four kids I'm like a new woman. It can really help. All the best.

  13. Yep, he is cute. Going into my first IVF it is reassuring to be reminded that it can work! Good luck with FET!

  14. Very sweet little guy you have. I had my miracle son in Sept 2009 after 6 years of IF. Good luck with your FET!

    ICLW #126

  15. Your little guy is so cute!

    Stopping by from ICLW

  16. What an adorable little man :) Man, I would love to get H and O together to play!

  17. Here from ICLW - Henry is really cute! I'm impressed that he is so independent. My little guy is 27 months, and he rarely wants to be by himself (I might just get this comment in before I have to go back to him). Good luck with the FET.

  18. Happy ICLW!
    OHMYGOODNESS. He is ADORABLE! I hope your FET brings another insanely beautiful baby your way! :)

  19. Awwww...sweet story and sweet pic of Henry. :-) One question: Is Mr. Brown nerd material? Just wondering... ;-)

    MUCH, much luck on your FET!

    ICLW #67

  20. ICLW #51
    How cute is Henry :) All the best with the FET

  21. Best of luck with the FET :) Your son's adorable!

    ICLW 61