Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Real Life

Sixteen days. That's how long I have been off work. SIXTEEN DAYS. Do you know how awesome that is? You know how some people get really bored with time off? You hear them say they can't wait to get back to work, to send those rowdy kids back to daycare, to get back to their normal routine? I am not one of those people. I mean, sure, these were the holidays, so of course we were busy. And Nick was off for the entire 16 days stretch as well, so I wasn't all on my own. But still. STILL. All I could think the entire two weeks was, "Man. I wish I was a stay at home mom." We played and laughed and slept in and ate great food and went shopping and spent tons of time with family. We got a million little things done at the house and had an all around amazing two weeks.

Except for this awful stomach virus I came down with at 3am on New Years Day (definitely not alcohol related. One Martini and one glass of wine does NOT do this to a person). It was like a nice little kick in the butt from 2010 saying, "OH... here's ONE last thing to make you hate this year!" I prefer to think of it that way rather than a greeting from 2011. Because... well... if that's how 2011 starts I should just stay in bed the rest of the year. It was awful. AWFUL. And I am all tempted to tell you HOW awful, but really? Who wants to read that? Like "And then I was sure I COULD NOT puke anymore, but you know what happened?? I PUKED!" So anyway, it was sorta like that on New Years Day, but the rest of the sixteen days, Awesome. Awesome to the Max*.

*Anybody know what "Awesome. Awesome to the Max"' is from? You will receive honor and glory from Bio Girl if you can place that quote (If you use Google you are cheating, and we don't reward Cheaters at Bio Girl with honor and glory).


  1. OK, I had to use The Google Machine to find that quote since I had never heard it, but I won't give it away. I'll let someone who actually knows give the answer. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. It reeks of the 80s.

    I think I might die when I go back to work tomorrow.

  3.! I have a sad pathetic life! haha!

  4. Yay Kari!! Futurama is the greatest show ever! Nothing pathetic about it :)

  5. Happy new year! So sorry about the stomach ick--not fun! Now you have that out of the way, and the new year will be great :)

  6. I hear you. Today is my first day back at work after ten days off, and it is brutal.

    I think my husband has that same stomach flu. It is not fun.

    Here's to 2011 with its fresh start and new possibilities.