Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Other Sun

This past weekend Nick and I were in the car running errands. It was late afternoon and the sun was on it's way down. Due to the direction we were driving it was just low enough to be right in my eyes. I tried to put the shade down, to move this way or that, but it was just constantly attempting to burn a hole in my retinas. Finally I say, "Dang, that is the brightest sun I have ever seen!" I then wait a second, realize how stupid that sounds, the add, "Haha, it's actually the ONLY sun I have ever seen". To which Nick and I both laugh. (Nick and I are nerds. This is funny to us. Don't feel any pressure to laugh too.)

Nick waits a second and then says, "Actually, you have seen two suns."

I think and I think. And I think some more. Nick has a way of laying things out there that are so obvious, and yet I can't seem to figure them out. But I always try. Hard. So after a minute I say, "Okay, I give up. Where is the second sun I have seen?"

Nick looks at me, shocked that I don't know, then looks quickly to the back seat where Henry (and Boo. Hi Boo!) are riding along. Then he says, " Our SON, Our Boy....THE LIGHT OF OUR LIVES!"

Oh, that son. Our Other Sun. I laugh and think it's sweet at the time. but over the last few days I have thought of that description over and over. "Our son, our boy, the light of our lives." Our other sun. Yep. That just about sums him up perfectly.
Christmas 2010


  1. That's such an apt description! What your husband said is so true for all of us. Our children ARE the lights of our lives!

    And your Su(o)n is simply beautiful.


  2. Awwww. And I know the true light of your life can brighten any day better than any old zillion degree sun any day!

  3. I adore this...absolutely love it! Such a fantastic way to think of our little ones.

  4. That's lovely. Keep on thinking it, through the good and the bad times!


  5. Those are mega cool dinosaur pyjamas Henry's got on there! Don't worry I laughed at your 1st sun comment too - I say silly things like that all the time...and unfortunately my husband stores them all up to remind me of them forever more :)

  6. That is about the best truth I have heard in days. Your boy is adorable, but then you know that. Good luck with the frosties.
    Happy ICLW from a first timer!

  7. The only thing I can say is.. how true! It is amazing how they can change your life and perspective. How amazing! ICLW 137

  8. Sarah, I have an award for you on my blog. :)