Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hard Days

This post is all about the miserableness that is my period and our upcoming FET. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, I will not be even a little offended for you to leave the site now. I will be back soon with funny stories and enjoyable pictures soon.

The last few days have been rough on me. I started cramping and spotting on cycle day 21. I couldn't even begin to think of it as hopeful, as possible implantation bleeding. I knew it was just another sign that my body is a mess and that endometriosis is a real bitch. On CD23 I officially started. I at least hoped for a quick and easy period. I mean, how can it be bad on such a short cycle? Right.

It has been awful. Just awful. By far the worst period I have had in a few years. Since before Henry for sure. The cramps have brought me to tears several times. More times than I can count. I am emotional and just drained. It doesn't help that it just keeps going. It has been going on for ten days. TEN DAYS of miserable. I was grocery shopping yesterday and actually thought I might pass out. I wasn't sure if it was from an issue with my period (because not to be too graphic here, but I was bleeding a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Like I was mildly concerned for my health) or just because I was emotionally drained and my body was calling "Uncle" and requiring a reboot.

So last night Henry went to stay the night with my parents (where he apparently had a TON of fun listening to Big Band music with his Great Nana) and Nick and I went on a date night. We went out to dinner and to see Tron 3D and we had a wonderful time. It was exactly what I needed, and I am so thankful that Nick knew that. My period finally seems to be slowing down and I think it may be done in another day or two. Who knows for sure with this endo, but I am hopeful. Either way this will mark the end of our trying from home. I start back on birth control in a couple days in preparation for our FET in March. The ball is really rolling, and as terrified as I am about that, I am thrilled to be getting started. To put the thoughts and questions behind us and actually hit the green light on this cycle. So... here we go!


  1. Oh, honey, I am SO empathetic! I had HORRIBLE cramps in high school, so bad that one time I started in class but was too embarrassed to say anything. By the time class was over, I literally could not stand up from the pain and they had to get the school nurse to help me. I've probably told that story before - but I know how you feel! I never had mine last that long, though. That's just awful. Hope you are feeling a little better now.

  2. I am so, so sorry this cycle has been so harsh for you... Endo sucks! I remember doubling over in pain and falling onto a cd rack in a music stall in Russia once and being terrified (partly because I didn't know how to answer any questions *in Russian* when in that much pain and partly because it was that painful it made me fall over!) I think sometimes it's the *not knowing* with Endo that makes it so hard, because however awful the pain is (and I know it is AWFUL), it would be so much easier if we knew when it would come and how long it would last for, because at least then you have something to hang on to when the going gets tough.

    I'm glad you got to go out with Nick, though, and am keeping my fingers crossed for you in preparation for your FET in March xx

  3. Oh Goodness! I'm so sorry you have had so much pain from you're period:( And that is just awful that it lasted 10 days! Hope its much better now.

    However I am SO EXCITED that you are officially on your way to your FET in March! It'll be here before you know it!

  4. this was me last night. I even went all pity party and said to God, "why me? why me? why must I suffer like this?"

    eventually I fell asleep - I think God was glad :)

    hope it's over for you soon - does ibuprofen work for you? It does for me but I have to take the pills the MINUTE I feel the pain coming on otherwise it takes too long to take effect.

  5. So sorry about the awful period :-( That's awesome you got to go out and have fun.