Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Key to A Good Night Sleep

Everyone has a specific formula for a perfect night sleep. Maybe it's reading before bed, or cookies and milk. Could be wine or sleeping with the TV on. The right temperature or the perfect number of blankets. we all have something that helps us sleep better. Since Henry was born we have been looking for that thing for Henry. The hard truth was that for nearly two years we were at a loss. The only thing the child wanted was us. Just me or Nick, sitting there in the dark with him for an hour, while he drifted off to sleep. But now I am so excited to announce that we have CRACKED THE CODE!

Slowly, we have FINALLY discovered the perfect combination of things that will allow him to get in his bed at night, and to go to sleep without us in the room. We turn on the fan and the night light, read a couple of books, give him the perfect combination of items and sneak out. And he STAYS. ALL NIGHT. With NO TEARS. It's like magic I tell you. So, what is this perfect combination of items that keep my child happy and alone in his room? Well, I have created a little key card for you. Just in case some other parents think they might want to try this magical combination. So, without further ado, I give to you Henry's Key to a good night sleep:

1. ABC Book-the actual book title can change from night to night. Occasionally there may be a need for two books

2. Woody doll. Yes his face is made of hard plastic, but my child enjoys sleeping on top of him anyway.

3.Coolest Harry Potter Hedwig Owl puppet of all time. I am jealous of this toy.

4. between 3-5 matchbox cars.

5. An alphabet puzzle.

6. proof that the combination works...child just awakening from extremely restful nap.

7. Sometimes he has to prop his leg up on the side of the make room for all his night time treasures...


  1. Love it! We have the same idea going in our crib at night....sometimes it works better than others :-)

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    jess.white05 at gmail dot com

  2. Gorgeous... we have a similar array of things to help our toddler sleep. Has to be just right !! xoxo

  3. Totally get it :) Leighton once insisted on going to bed with a sippy cup top for an entire week! Whatever works!!!

  4. Too cute! Our kids have their secret combinations, too. We also have a very precise night time routine that Every night. This age (mine are newly two, also) continues to astound me. I love it.

  5. LOL! This cracks me up. You crack me up. Thanks for the giggle. Too stinking cute!

  6. So, I LOVE the diagram! And we're still looking for a combo that will help baby E sleep just 4 hours consistently. (sigh) If it will take another year and a half to get it, I may go mad!

  7. hahaha! What is it with kids and all the crazy things in their beds! My son also has a Woody doll, the buzz lightyear, a flashlight, several board books, cars, a digger truck that is the size of his arm and other randomness he picks up throughout the day that he deems worthy of his bed. Seriously how can they sleep with a hot wheels stuck to their cheeks?!?! If I have a wrinkle in the sheet underneath me it is the end of all good sleep as I know it!!!