Thursday, May 26, 2011

Medium Brown vs Witch Black

So you know how sometimes you have something you want to look nice for, but you have no money to invest in said niceness? Well, that's me right now. I have some stuff coming up that requires adorableness, but the money isn't in our bank account to go get the needed things done. Things like my eyebrows, hair and nails. So, being the constant optimist, I decided there was no need to worry, I could do these tasks myself!

I went to the store to pick up some hair dye to cover the grey taking over my head. Even though I am 31, I still like to consider myself a person who has early grey. "What? This? These millions of grey hairs? Oh...I am an early greyer...IT IS NOT BECAUSE I AM OLD." Anyway, due to my early greying ways I needed to just do an all over color. They didn't have the color I usually use, so I went with the same brand, but one called "Medium Brown". The girl on the box had some nice hair. I figured it would be fine. (Constant Optimist!)

I get home, put Henry down for his nap, and get to work. I put on the hair color and set the timer for 10 minutes. I then break out the wax to do my brows. And maybe my lip. Not that I would admit to waxing my lip, because that sounds like something older people have to do...and I am an EARLY GREYER. So...I waxed ONLY my eyebrows, then checked the time. Only six minutes had passed. Not too shabby! But then I look in the mirror. And my hair looks dark. Really dark. And I decide six minutes is plenty. I wash it out and here is what I see...

Someone needs to tell Clairol to change the name of this color from "Medium Brown" to "Witch Black"! Come on people. This is after SIX MINUTES. And it actually looks darker in real life. AND my early grey is still showing through because I didn't leave it on the full time. FAIL. Just FAIL all around.

In other news, my nails look very lovely, and I like how I DO like that I sorta look skinny in this picture. Maybe people will be too distracted by my nails and eye brows to notice my witch black hair.

PS. I do own other tshirts. I promise. Somehow I just always seem to be wearing this one when I take pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror. Odd. But since this time I am comparing myself to a witch, it works out rather well.


  1. First off...even I (who is not a Harry Potter fan) love your shirt.

    Yeah, I have had similar experiences with dying.

    And--it really doesn't look bad at all!! :-)

  2. It doesn't look bad at all! Although I can tell you, I don't know how many times I've done my own dye job and had the same issue- completely the wrong color ;-) It really does look nice though!

  3. Been there, done that - haven't we ALL? What I do is have a pro do my hair every few months with streaks, etc. then I just do the roots myself. Much cheaper. Works pretty well, but I did discover that the back looked awful recently so I may have to get some help from Liz with that. It's surprisingly hard to color the back of your own hair!!

  4. Oh no!

    I've never dyed my hair. My hair is naturally multicoloured and highlights itself in the summer, so I always thought "why mess if it works". I've honestly had friends fuming at me because they have spent tons of money getting highlights and things and my hair has been known to go over a year without a haircut and still be ok. The downside is that it doesn't hold a style at all... we tried ringlets before my wedding, with so much spray and gloop I could have suffocated in the smog it created, and it was still straight as straight can be after half an hour! But at least being straight naturally means I literally wash and go.

    I do have grey and white hairs mixed in the bunch though and have had them since I was a kid. There's no sign of them taking over yet. I don't know what I'll do when that starts though as I'll have no clue when it comes to hairstyling! I'll probably end up dying it green by mistake, knowing me!

  5. Well, you look lovely - witch black hair and all LOL

    That's what mine looks like too - natural dark brown is the colour I use :)


  6. I know its not the color you wanted, but I think it looks FANTASTIC on you!

    Damnit, I NEED that shirt! Where can I get it? :) I know you have some other cool HP ones too.

    Have I mentioned how much I wish we were going to be in the theater together on July 15th?!

  7. go grab yourself a bottle of clairifying shampoo and it'll lighten it up a bit. I am also an early gray-er and colour my hair dark brown and have ended up black a few times. :(

    I just did the exact same thing! I was so choked - I wanted #119 but had to buy #120 - holy crap I look goth.
    I feel your pain. *shakes fist at Lady Clairol*

  9. Crying.

    Holy crap, you are funny. That shirt and that expression are priceless.

    I know exactly what you mean. But to me, the color looks rich. You thin mint.