Monday, May 2, 2011

Speaking (and a Little Dancing)

"What color is this Henry?"

"and this?"

"And what about this?"

A sweet voice yelling "Mama" or "Papa" rings out through the house these days.

We see the signs for 'cars' and 'bird', 'dog' and 'duck'. 'Eating', 'drinking', 'more', 'help' and 'all done'.

We hear "Hi" and "bye" every time we come or go from a room. Followed by a big blown kiss and commonly a fit of giggles.

He knows all the hand motions to 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'. And loves the "roll it up" in Patty Cake.

He loves to point out fish "ISH!! ISH!!" he yells as they swim around their tanks.

He is saying More; More and more every single day.

I got an email from Baby Center yesterday. It said for his age he should be using three word sentences and able to repeat songs. We aren't there. Not yet. But we are getting closer all the time.

Anyway, who needs words when you "can move and shake like thisssssss"*

The Michael Jackson Experience from Sarah on Vimeo.
Henry and Carter playing 'The Micheal Jackson Experience' on the Wii. Adorable. I wish I had a video of when Carter first turned it on and Henry LOST HIS MIND with excitement. Apparently he is a Michael Jackson fan.

*Anybody know what movie this is from?? It actually starts with "Good Luck finding a DJ who can..."


  1. LOL, I know what the quote is from but I think that's because me, you and Nick watched this movie A LOT when you lived at Brandywine.... So, I'll let someone else guess. I feel like I'm cheating if I do it.

    Also: GO HENRY! Pretty soon you'll be like, "OMG... Mommy just needs five minutes of quiet time." I promise. :)

  2. Go, Henry, go!!! You will get to the point where you'll wonder where the quiet went. And it will be awesome :)

  3. Good Job Boo :) Someone on Twitter got it too!