Monday, May 16, 2011

Were You Scared??

Saturday night we were all exhausted. Like, deep down to our bones, beat. Henry literally fell asleep in his high chair at dinner. I looked over at one moment and he was eating corn, and a moment later his head almost hit the tray. We scooped him up and dropped him in bed, thinking he would wake up all too early the next morning since he was passing out two hours before bedtime. Amazingly, he managed to sleep until ten on Sunday morning! (sweet relief). Nick and I both took every moment to also catch up on sleep because somehow this two year old's party was the most exhausting thing I have done in a LONG time. When I finally heard him get up, I went to open his door, leaving Nick sleeping for a few more precious minutes.

Henry gave me a quick morning kiss, then came running out of his room to make sure all of his new toys weren't just a dream, and were actually his for keeps. The first thing he grabbed was this Rex flashlight:When you hold down his tail his mouth opens and the light shines out. He also says several different sayings, because obviously flashlights are made infinitely more cool when they talk. Anyway, Henry grabs his Rex flashlight and runs to find his Papa. he comes up to Nick, who is sleeping mind you, and gets right by his face with the flashlight. He squeezes the tail and Rex yells "ROOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! Were You Scared?!?!" Nick's eyes pop open just to be blinded with the bright light coming from Rex's mouth. Henry says "Papa!!" And Nick smiles and rolls out of bed. We should have known there was no more sleeping allowed now that Henry was awake and there were TOYS to be played with.

But you all, I have laughed so many times thinking of being woken up like that. Laying there relaxing in the silence of a Sunday morning, then to hear "ROOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! Were You Scared?!?!" followed by a blinding light. I think we can let Rex know that yes, he was scared. Job well done.


  1. Haha, excellent! Don't we love our little mischievous boys!! (and happy belated birthday to Henry, I completely forgot to comment on your previous posts!)

  2. That is awesome! Glad everyone had a great time at the party!

  3. Ha ha ha, that is hilarious! Poor Nick.

  4. LOL! Another hit for a birthday gift! (patting self on back and whit's back as well) Love it....