Friday, May 6, 2011

Party Planning

Did you all know that something really big is happening next week? Something REALLY BIG. Someone...and I am not naming names here...Is turning two. TWO! So, on top of Mother's Day and Derby, this weekend we will be doing some major party planning. Nick is working on the yard (Praying for no rain for next Saturday. I know it isn't the MOST important of prayers, but our little house cannot easily contain this party indoors!) We have gift bags to make, menus to plan, professional pictures to have made, slide-shows to put together and ambitious cakes to attempt to assemble. And even though there is a lot to do, I am already excited. Excited to look back and remember two years ago when our little man joined our world. And made it so so much better. I am excited to start putting the party together that will celebrate my sweet Henry. It's going to be a rootin' tootin' good time around here...
birthday invite
(important personal info like our address and phone number removed. Because contrary to popular belief, I DO actually have some boundaries. I draw the line at things that will allow kidnappers to come steal my child in the night. Or call me while I am watching something important on Cougar Town)

PS. Invite made my Designsbyfun's Shop on Etsy.


  1. This has been Evie's favorite invitation by far and was placed proudly on the fridge by her artwork.

  2. I cannot believe he is 2 already... such a big boy! I'm loving the invites, and hope the weather stays nice for you all x

  3. Congrats on the big party! You are so on top of things. My twins turned two last Saturday. They got to go to the park and had cupcakes. The end. Oh and presents. But that's all. Even their Grammy forgot to call them on their b-day. I figured next year they'll be more aware and I'll have to get in gear to celebrate. Happy Bday Henry! Do show the big gift opening. My kids loved that this year.

  4. What a great invite... little kids birthday parties are soooo much fun :) Happy birthday to your little man :)) xoxo

  5. He is getting so big!! Lei loves carrying it around. xo

  6. so fun! i love party planning.

    and i am totally cracking up because i get the whole "why do you tell the whole world about your life" speech from my mom on the regular, glad I'm not the only one ;)