Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday Wishes and Egg Count....

So the two topics for todays post really don't go together well at all...unless you consider that the one thing my mom really wants for her birthday is for a.) baby Avery to come home and b.) for this IVF to in that regard, I guess the two things kinda fit nicely together! Anyway, today is my mom's birthday! She is turning the big forty-ten. She is adamant about never leaving her forty's, and said next year she will be happy to turn forty-eleven! I did mention that considering her oldest child turns the big twenty-ten next week, she is really pretty young! So, happy birthday my perfect little mommy! Love you lots and lots and lots!

Second on the list of big events for the day, I went to see Doc for my ultrasound and blood draw. His exact words were, "You are doing really great...maybe too great...". Apparently as of now I have nine follicles on the right side and "at least ten" on the left. does "too great" flip back around to not so great? I am not sure. He is currently worried about hyperstimulation, which I have read about being a real bitch. At the same time, seeing as how this is possibly our one real shot for egg retrieval, I want to get as many as possible without getting sick. A fine line, I know. He wants to see my estrogen levels, then he will decide if he will cut back my meds. I am just waiting on the call...

As it turns out, I am off work today, so once I was done with Doc I headed straight for the grocery story. This is unlike me. Typically on my day off I lay around the house until four thirty, then I jump up and get some stuff done before Nick gets home. But, since I was already out this morning, and the family is coming to my house for dinner and birthday celebrations, I figured I should get rolling. You know what I learned?? The BEST time to grocery shop is in the morning! Tons of scanners and very few people! GENIUS! Now, will I ever do it again...maybe once the baby comes, but otherwise I will take my time to sleep in when I can! Still, it's good to know!


  1. Well, Happy birthday to my fabulous Aunt! And here's hopin' everything works out okay for her birthday wishes!!

  2. That's a nice follicle count! Fingers crossed that your e2 doesn't rise too fast so you don't get OHSS! Good luck!

  3. Well when it comes to your Moms forty-ten please tell her that I tried to help with Avery and that I have everything crossed that IVF is going to work out.ANNNND if she feels the need to play with a little one she can take Carter because I am going to be forty-one but he makes me feel like forty-twenty when I am trying to keep up with him

  4. I am away from the blogs for 2 weeks and I've missed SO much! Sending hope and hugs your way!

  5. Happy Birthday to your mom. I hope this works. I know what you mean about sitting on the couch until 4 and then trying to make it seem like you didn't do that all day when you partner arrives home. I am totally with you on that one. Hilarious!

  6. I had hyperstimulation and it was awful! I felt crummy. I had the retrival, they fertilized my eggs, and froze them. Because of the OHSS they weren't able to do a fresh transfer so now I have 16 tiny embryos on ice. Make sure your doctor stays on top of that. I had no idea what a big deal it was.

    Happy birthday to your mom!