Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keeping Track

So we started stims on Monday. Gotta say, I am not a fan. First off, the shot comes in one of those pen type dispensers. Nick has a hard time with it because as he pushes the plunger in, it clicks and twists. He feels like it is hurting me...and honestly it kinda is. The Folistrum burns like wild fire as it goes in, and then makes me uncomfortable for the next hour or so. Today I actually have to take three (THREE) shots because of the way one vile will run out, I will have to reload and GO AGAIN...AGH. I am already having head aches and odd back aches. I am not sure if this is because I am on a higher dose than normal of if most people's side effects start to set in this early...either way it will be a long two weeks.

Anyway, I was looking in the fridge at the meds yesterday and did some quick math...I realized that I didn't have enough! I called Doc and he said that they order the minimum so that people paying out of pocket for the meds don't have any left over. This seems logical...but when they increased my dose, shouldn't someone have mentioned that I needed a refill? I mean, these meds are shipped to me, and if I didn't find out until I was actually out, it would be DOOM. Okay, maybe not DOOM, but still...I guess I am just happy that at least I was keeping track, because it doesn't seem like anybody else was!

**In a completely different line of thinking, I wanted to mention that Stephenie Meyer has gone and put her 265 page draft of Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's prospective) on her website (someone leaked it on the web, so she went ahead and posted it so her fans wouldn't have to break the law to find a copy...) and oh lord it is good. If you read the series, then RUN to the site and read it now. It is incomplete, and she isn't sure if she will finish it...but how I hope she does...Anyway, just thought since I have pushed the books on you all, that you might want to check out the newest instalment!***

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  1. You may want to try injecting it yourself. It was more comfortable for me that way.

    The alcohol is dry and the drug is at room temperature too...right? The reason I ask is that I used follistim and didn't have any burning...