Thursday, September 18, 2008

Deep Freeze

Well, we got the call this morning that two more embryos were able to be frozen yesterday! That takes our grand total of embryos in deep freeze at six. She said all six were of an extremely high quality (Grade AA or AB) and that we should be thrilled (WE ARE!!!). I then asked her what our odds of success are with our specific five transfer of top quality embryos. She said that those two factors, along with the fact that we had extremely high quality embryos to freeze puts us into the must successful pregnancy bracket....with a success rate around 75-80%. Now, that means NOTHING if we are the other 25%, but still I like those odds! She did say that if it doesn't work the first time, especially with this quality, then it commonly takes a long time. Not that we wouldn't get pregnant on the first FET, but just that the odds then fall out of our favor. Statistically this is our best shot...

I am very aware of the 25% chance of it not working. I am sure a large part of that is that we were here with my sister a year ago. Part of it is also that we have been trying so long, it just feels odd for things to be going our way. To get the good answers, to be on the positive side of the stats. Not hoping to be the one in ten that it works for, but hoping just to be where we the 75%! We are guardedly optimistic.... hoping that they are right and that this is our time. We really do know it might not be, but at this points all signs are looking good!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    everything sounds excellent. I am sure that you will get pregnant this cycle :).

    Good luck!

  2. The glass is half full!!!!!!!!!!! keep thinking positive thoughts.

  3. I am optimistic for you! :D I know everyone is wishing, hoping, and praying with you.

  4. YAY!!! Great news! I am so excited for you guys!!!

    Those babies are absolutely adorable. :) Love the pic!

  5. Sounds like great odds! Wishing you Good Luck!

  6. Statistics make me cringe, so I prefer my gut feeling.

    And it's GOOD!

  7. IF makes you question when things go right after going wrong for so long. Sounds like things really are going well, nice to hear.