Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Little Scientist

Nick is a pretty popular guy this evening. Why? (besides the obvious...that he rocks) Well, have you heard about this little experiment in Switzerland that is possibly going to create a black hole that sucks up the entire earth? Well, it is all over the news (they are flipping on the death machine at 12:30 in the morning our time) and everyone is calling in to Nick to see how he feels about it. He gets off the phone, we restart the DVR and then it rings again. So, as I am sitting here amused with how many people are putting stock in Nick's opinion on this particle accelerator, it reminded me that I don't think I have ever actually told you all what it is that my husband does for a living!

So, if you don't mind, I will brag for just a second. Nick and I both went to UK where I got a BS in Biology and he got a BS in Physics with a minor in math. I really wish I could be all like, our degrees were equally challenging, but that would be a bold face lie. Although I am of the math and science mind, I could NEVER have done the course work Nick completed for his degree. Now, if you ask him, he will say of course I could, it just takes a lot of work and sleepless nights. I am pretty sure I couldn't, no matter if I quit sleeping all together.

Anyway, when he graduated he got a job at the University doing fossil fuel research. He runs tons of insane experiments where his boss comes in and says, "so....lets find a way to make diesel fuel out of recycled plastic!" and Nick says, "yeah...I think I can build something for that...give me a couple months"...AND THEN HE DOES IT! He has several experiments always going at once, and when he is up in New York, he is actually running experiments at a particle accelerator up there (hence all the calls tonight). He has been published and everything. (*wife beaming with pride!!*) All these things make it sound like we should be rolling in cash, but alas, it isn't so. Still, he loves what he does. He loves the challenges that his work brings him, and when he actually finds ways to get plastic hot enough to turn it into diesel fuel, the joy on his face is priceless.

Now, for his opinion on the death machine....he says there is an extremely small chance that it could eventually lead to the end of the world. Small, but possible. He isn't worrying about it, and that is good enough for me!

PS. Don't call him a Physicist...he says he hasn't earned that title, and it is only for people with PhD's. He is just a guy who does some research for a living...

PSS. On to the IVF topic, Trigger shot at 9:15 tonight! They have told me about a million times (okay maybe three) that this is a time sensitive shot and DON'T MISS IT! Now they are giving me a complex that I will forget!


  1. Ooh. Fancy Science People. :)

    Good luck with your trigger!

  2. I think I will just stick to my computer stuff! :)

    Good luck with your trigger shot! My first time I spilled half of it, freaked out, called the emergency line, they said it was ok, I still figured I screwed up the cycle! Looking back now it's all quite funny, but at the time it wasn't! :) Anyway good luck!

  3. I wish they had made things a bit quietier...they woke Emme B!

  4. Good luck with your shot :)!

  5. See! I told you Nick was the final authority in these matters!

    And good luck with your shot... But you already know I'm wishing you that. =)

  6. Good luck with your shot!

    I remember Nick used to have these huge sheets of paper filled with equations on them at our house! Crazyness!!

  7. The big bang II as it's being called here is fascinating!

    and best of luck for your own wee experiment!

  8. Yeah.... My freshman year I busted my BUTT for a B in Calc and a C in Chemistry at UF. That's when I knew I wasn't going to make it in my Microbiology major. Hello Marketing!

    I'm sure impressed with Nick. And you, for that matter!

  9. I had to laugh at your comparison to your husband because I've often done that. My husband is an aerospace engineer and I have my bachelors in social work but work in an office...yes quite a difference. He too is a big science guy and I'm constantly amazed at the things he does on a daily basis.

    Good luck w/the trigger shot. I was really nervous because it's intramuscular. It wasn't bad at all.

  10. good luck with your shot!

    great post by the way... i was smiling with pride even though i don't even know nick!