Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Weeks with Belly Pics!

16 Weeks! I had to go back to last weeks post to make SURE I was not jumping a week because I am just a little shocked that it has already been SIXTEEN WEEKS! I am sure time will slow down after the holidays, but this pregnancy thing is just moving right along!
Well, all my pregnancy emails decided to stop giving me examples of what a baby is the size of this week...I am not sure if they are gone forever, but I hope not. What it did give me this week is that the baby is about four and a half inches long (from head to butt) and weighs in at nearly three ounces. Much more impressive than a coffee bean! The big thing all sites talked about today was that I will feel the baby move sometime in the next few weeks. This seems shocking to me, but I can't wait! Besides that, the little guy (or girl) has fingernails now...and that's about it for the baby changes!
As for me, I still great. I am constantly amazed at how well this pregnancy is agreeing with me. I can honestly say that I love being pregnant so far. I am sure it will get annoying when I get huge, but for now, I LOVE it! I am having a little swelling in my hands and feet, so I am trying to drink lots of water. It isn't really that bad, but I can't wear my wedding rings all the time any longer. Now they go on for special occasions!
So, that's about it. 16 weeks...which is sorta four months. But by that math then the 40 week pregnancy lasts 10 months. Whatever, I am TOTALLY four months! Here are the belly pics!

Shirt down. I think I look smaller....

but then shirt up, not so much!


  1. You definitely look smaller with the shirt down - maybe because it's a darker color? I can remember the first time I felt Audrey kick me - I actually thought maybe I was imagining it. It kinda felt like a combination of my stomach growling and nervous butterflies. :) Such an exciting time, and the best part of pregnancy in my opinion. You're showing, you can feel the baby, but you aren't huge or miserable. :)

  2. congrats on becoming 16 weeks pregnant! How much weight have you gained? I am 14 weeks and have not gained any weight :(

  3. I can't believe you are already 16 weeks. The time is going so fast! I also like seeing how your little book shelf changes in each of the belly pics. When they are all lined up you can really tell :)

  4. I am amazed at how well you are feeling but also so glad you are enjoying being pregnant so much!! Gosh 16 weeks already!!

  5. Glad to hear your pregnancy is agreeing with you. Enjoy every moment as it goes by so very fast!

  6. You look great! Congrats on 16 weeks!

  7. Sarah! Just read your post. Congrats on being pregnant! I am working on number two myself- I'm due the first week of august and I am so sick! I wish I was 16 weeks, that is when the real eating starts!

    Hope you are feeling well! Shelby Lynn

  8. I agree with you.I also think that you look bigger with your shirt up.It's kinda hard to tell from that angle,but it looks like your bellybutton may already be out.If it is that's GREAT because jutting(outtie) bellybuttons are too cool on pregnant bellies!!!!!!!!!!